Russia test hypersonic weapon technology with the same speed amazing China – Sohu Military

The Russian launch hypersonic weapons technology and Chinese same alarming rate – Sohu Military Channel global network comprehensive report: Russia’s strategic missile forces recently "successful test flight hypersonic aircraft, the aircraft project code named" 4202 ", equipped with the RS-18 intercontinental ballistic missile, and achieve 15 Maher speed at high altitude, flying 5 kilometers per second. A short time of up to 7 kilometers per second. The test in the state of Orenburg (Orenburg) within the territory of the Russian Far East, the target located in the Kamchatka (Poluostrov Kamchatka) of the Kura testing field. Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reported on November 3rd, the launch is intended to test the Russian hypersonic glider aircraft, after the success of the technology research and development, application in the strategy will be the breakthrough of American anti missile system (SDI). This technique consists of a few countries to master, by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) developed by the second generation of Falcon hypersonic vehicle (HTV-2), there have been two successful test record. The Chinese use of the same technology known as Dongfeng -ZF aircraft, from 2014 to date has been carried out 6 mobile test. The traditional intercontinental missile warhead launch after space flight, compared with the difference of hypersonic glide vehicle, most of the time is flying in the stratosphere, which is equipped with hypersonic glide vehicle missile range, may also let the anti missile system to respond to and when. What’s more, the hypersonic glide vehicle is controllable before it reaches the target at high speed, which makes it possible for the missile to be intercepted. It is reported that the "4202 project" will be the fastest in the actual application strategy in 2020, the plan to Russia next generation of sal Matt heavy strategic missile (RS-28), the number of missiles can carry hypersonic vehicles up to three.相关的主题文章: