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Russian intelligence: Mo locomotive midfield has injured system Sunday 037         Russian     Moscow locomotive VS CSKA Moscow       2016-10-23 21:30         location: Russia – Moscow: Moscow 1 degrees cloudy weather locomotive status: Moscow locomotive in the Russian Super League this season was disappointing, the weekend away and shook hands with Amukaer and said, the team is currently 10 round league tournament finishes only with 1 wins, 6 draws and 3 negative results will list eleventh standings, while scoring 6 goals lost a total of 8 ball, defensive end can however, the attack efficiency is too low, greatly affected the efficiency of the main points of the team, midfielder Tarasov and striker Berne aurous has injured on the offense Greater impact, the game in the face of defending champion Moscow Central Army, the train wants to win is not difficult. CSKA Moscow situation: CSKA Moscow in recent poor state, in the week in the Champions League group phase and Monaco shake hands after the tournament, the team only won 6 consecutive games during the 1 inning, only won the strength of Ufa in the league, from the data, broke lack technique is also the largest short board Mok army this season last season, the team’s top scorer Moussa in the summer following the departure of the current team has yet to find a high score, but the overall performance, CSKA Moscow is stronger than a lot of locomotive, the new season 7 League 4 wins 2 flat 1 negative, the efficiency is low and this road and attack, CSKA Moscow has the ability to take away points. One track: two teams last six clash race record, Moscow locomotive 2 flat 4 negative without a win. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played out 2.80-2.85-2.38 SP, flat compensate data is obviously low, the Moscow locomotive and the army in the weeks unable to get up after a fall, not just in Europe in a fierce battle, fitness has been no small impact, the disc to the guest Let the hemisphere high water start, and the history of disk is the same, by note after the plate water level continued to rise, the market outlook many companies become disc guest Let flat half, the spot is adjusted to a pattern, it should belong to the true expression of the visiting team to keep the ball to the game, Moscow locomotive unbeaten home court, SMG let the ball wins Pingfu play off for a ball pattern, suggested radio the main victory. Is expected to debut: Moscow locomotive: Marina Tor, Shishkin, Denisov, orluka, Peiy Chi Aganovich, Lyssov, Medoff, tower, ndinga, Milan, Maicon Cukor, Anthy CSKA Moscow: Akinfeev, Berezutski, Gerner Sh Vecchi, J Yisi Nikov, Fernandes, Yi, broom, blade row. Wen, Milanov, dzagoyev, IO Ivanov (Ge Luowen in the snow)相关的主题文章: