Samsung designer broke the news folding screen mobile phone price higher than 7000 yuan iptd-651

Samsung designers broke the news: folding screen mobile phone priced above $7000 [Abstract] Samsung folding mobile phone patent design has been exposed, with the hinge type design to complete the opening and closing, is said to have started testing the folding screen, it is possible for the MWC2017 display model. Tencent digital news (blue) when the industry is fully turned to hyperbolic screen design, Samsung seems ready to help launch the folding screen mobile phone to open innovation trend. In the outgoing code named "Project Valley" Samsung screen folding mobile phone model, then it is possible to debut at next year’s MWC2017 exhibition, Samsung in Korea for folding screen mobile phone patent application documents also first surfaced, so that we finally have a chance to see this a possible future design style of folding mobile phone. Patent design exposure from Samsung in Korea for the patent design drawings folding mobile phone applications, intelligent mobile phone of the future in the normal state and the ordinary straight screen models is not what special place, but due to the folding place using hinge type design, so the mobile phone can be completely bent. This advantage is that the mobile phone will occupy less space when folded, even equipped with a larger screen, you can also put in a pocket or purse, and when you need to use and will start browsing more content. At the same time, according to Samsung patent documents described, this folding phone will also be equipped with a button, the user pressed the button, the phone will automatically expand. However, despite the foldable mobile phone looks very cool, but including motherboard design and other aspects of constructing what needs to be changed, yet there are more specific information disclosure. Has been testing it is worth mentioning that, according to the director of the Institute of design and research China Samsung ShaneLee @ Li Xuanhong disclosed in reply to users comments that Samsung folding mobile phone touch screen in the number of tests can be bent to exceed the general product life cycle, the main features are as stated earlier, mobile phone the volume is folded, can even put a pocket, and after two times the area of the screen can be used. However, the Samsung insiders also said that according to the history of the past Samsung flagship release, is basically a large number of production will be able to grasp the listing. Analysts from the current information disclosure, Samsung will by the end of next year will have a monthly production of ten million pieces of flexible 7 inch OLED panel, it also means that the foldable mobile phone may be more than we expected later will be launched. The MWC model for this course, folding mobile phone or the future will lead the trend, Samsung will also like the original hyperbolic panel as advance display model and introduces the related technology characteristics, allegedly in February next year may at the end of the MWC exhibition will meet with the public for the first time. In addition, Apple also reportedly will also introduce this design in the future iPhone, but the premise is the Samsung capacity can indeed achieve the legendary figure. According to the disclosure of the news revealed in the past, Samsung may be folded mobile phone may eventually be named GALAXY X series, of course, the price;相关的主题文章: