Saws dark check Hebei coal mine major illegal is not effectively curbed

Saws dark check Hebei coal mine major illegal is not effectively curbed

in new network on 17 January, according to the work safety administration website news, recently, the State Administration of work safety team checks dark check unannounced visits in Hebei Province, Zhangjiakou, Dong Xuan Xi Xizhuang, Ji Xin, Xin Fa coal mine 4 coal mine, found mine safety facilities are not perfect, does not operate normally, no major violations of the law effective containment.

one is unreasonable mining and deployment. Xuandong mine, mine is a coal and gas outburst, 2 mining area of 2 working face is arranged to face the 218 violations, violation of the "one wing of a mining area in the same coal seam can only set up a coal face" ("Regulations" provisions of article ninety-fifth). The arrangement of 218 working face in horizontal transportation roadway stress concentration zone, the surface after the formation of the mine will have three working face mining at the same time, does not meet the requirements of the reduction of people.

two measures are not in place outburst prevention. The regional outburst prevention measures in Xuandong coal mine 218 working face, there is no preferred mining protection layer (VI 2 seam) measures, but take the coal drilling drainage pressure relief way, no demonstration of safety and reliability, feasibility.

three is the mine safety facilities imperfect operation is not normal. The personnel positioning system can not truly reflect the situation of the underground personnel in the coal mine. Early in December 20th, 52 people in the underground positioning system that includes the mine, mine was not real well.

four is a major violation of law has not been effectively curbed. Check in order to avoid the supervision of Zhangjiakou branch of Jixin coal mine, in December 2nd to 5201 working face, return air roadway crossing building fake closed, there are serious violations, but the person in charge of coal mine behavior against wake up do not know the depth, local regulators did not do things carelessly; take effective measures to deter.