Security is harmful to the human body Weak photon security must be accountable 9c8947

Security is harmful to the human body? The "photon security" must be accountable to the Ministry in October 10th issued a document is urgent, the Sichuan provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of unauthorized illegal production, sale and use of X ray human security equipment unit, shall be ordered to immediately stop the illegal act. "Radioisotopes and radiation safety and protection regulations" and "protection against ionizing radiation and the basic safety standards" and a series of legal standard, emphasize the high risk of the use of X ray body in public security equipment, and put forward the restriction, but why from security equipment production to use related units the law is no matter? Weak photon security instrument, which may exit from the airport in Chengdu, etc., but the threat and damage to public health caused by such security equipment has not disappeared. Such a situation, someone must be responsible for. The responsibility should be responsible for the safety of the production side, Anhui, the company has committed at least three sins". "The first sin" is to deceive the public with "weak photon" in the academic data can not find the coinage; "second sins" is the obvious placement of ionizing radiation warning signs, printed on the security instrument is extremely subtle position; the "third sins" is in accordance with the requirements of the law. X – human security equipment used shall be the Sichuan environmental protection department license in Sichuan, but the company only got the production license of the Hefei environmental protection department, wantonly marketing. As the use of security instrument, Sichuan railway, airport and other management units, the same responsibility can not be together. Railway, airport in the procurement of X ray human security equipment, the safety and legitimacy of the use of equipment should be the first to do a comprehensive assessment. For the security instrument is how all the way into the railway, airport and other units, it is necessary to check the relevant departments clear. The security apparatus before purchasing the demonstration and investigation program is how, what are the people involved, who eventually finalized the purchase, which is dealing with the public. X – human security equipment similar not only in Sichuan, but some local environmental protection departments have long turned a blind eye, indulge in this threat to public health spread, can not be said to be a dereliction of duty. This is not only the local environmental protection department’s failure to law enforcement. Sichuan provincial Environmental Protection Office in the face of weak photon security instrument when the dispute had to ask for instructions on how to deal with, exposing the local environmental protection department of professional and legal literacy weak. To the event, the environmental protection departments shall strengthen the supervision of such equipment in the country, a good public health "gatekeeper". Weak photon security instrument was stopped, but it must not stop, the relevant aftermath and accountable, one can not be less. October 13th, the news agency Xinhua News Agency: Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau in late this has put forward rectification opinions. But by September 30th, the airport, railway station X ray security instrument is still functioning normally. The legal provisions and rectification in what became a mere scrap of paper? In the end, although the airport and railway have been changed to the enterprise, but not to break the monopoly for a short duration of time. The understanding is not in place, the security will be superficial, the security is fundamental for the masses about security service ". If you do not know this clearly, then, even if the stop X ray, there may be other products covered with a variety of coats to cut traffic safety.相关的主题文章: