Shaanxi part of the high speed across the board 100kmh implementation from November 1st (video) fkzww

Shaanxi high-speed line speed 100km h November 1st since the implementation of the newspaper news (chief reporter Ji Na) reporter yesterday from the Provincial Communications Department learned that, in order to further improve the capacity of freeway, Shaanxi highway segment adjustment speed limit value, on November 1st onwards. On the highway horizontal curve radius, vertical curve radius and longitudinal slope, distance, lateral Yu Kuan, ultra high technical index for inspection by the professional bodies, and by the expert appraisal, according to the "Shaanxi province highway speed limit setting and speed limit sign setting management approach (Trial)" provisions, the provincial transportation department, the Provincial Public Security Bureau decided since November 1st this year on the highway speed limit adjustment. To Shanghai and Shaanxi Expressway in Shaanxi, Fu silver high-speed Xi’an Manchuanguan section Baomao high-speed Xi’an to health, to shop section of high-speed fork Luonan (see Shaanxi network), Shanghai and Shaanxi Fu silver high-speed high-speed contact line (Ma Chi River Interchange to Shangzhou Interchange Section of small passenger car) line speed limit value 100km h other vehicles, the speed limit value 80km H. Reporters learned that, after the adjustment of the speed limit, the speed limit along the speed adjustment and synchronization of law enforcement information. In addition, the implementation of the province’s highway vehicle management strictly prohibited van lane, bus driving a small passenger lane, no truck and bus passenger Lane road. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. Highway speed limit is based on the faster the speed of vision worse相关的主题文章: