Shandong Ji’nan property speculators behind some people fight to fly from Shenzhen real estate

Shandong Ji’nan property speculators behind: some people fight to fly from Shenzhen real estate speculators behind the original title: Ji’nan prices: some people fight to fly from Shenzhen to the real economy! August, the Ji’nan property market continued to hit, to achieve 13 even rose, new homes rose by 3.2% QoQ, hit a new high in recent years. Hidden behind the hot property market speculation risks, and after Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Hefei and other cities after the introduction of the property market regulation policy, in September 19th, Hangzhou began to purchase. Many people will look into the real estate market in Ji’nan, whether the regulatory means will come. Each event will pay chips, shake which is now "which came to us in front of customers from the preferential activities, more than 30% are investment." 19, in eastern Ji’nan, a real estate property consultant said that she had a customer in Jining, from the beginning of last month on the Ji’nan property market prices soared, let him have some panic, several key projects in the east to be opened in the near future, he has to pay in funding, which is what can Yaohao shake. "Customers are optimistic about the eastern environment and appreciation potential, if you do not go out, live on their own." Coincidentally, another Eastern Ji’nan real estate property consultant said, a customer of hometown in Zibo, is now working in Shenzhen, in order to grab Tangye a house, specially flew to Ji’nan, pay the full amount to buy a 160 square meter house and hurried back. "Although such customers are relatively rare, but also represents the current property market investment mentality." Property consultant said that now buy a house in the East, a new popular saying, just need to invest, compared with the first half, the number of investment buyers increased significantly. Net signed 46 thousand sets of second-hand housing, close to last year the total amount of Ji’nan city housing security and Property Management Bureau of statistics, August, Ji’nan second-hand housing net signed 6750 units, net signed area of 506 thousand square meters, an increase of 796 in July, rose to 13.37%, an increase of 2162, or 47.12%. The Ji’nan second-hand housing net signed 5650 units, net signed area of 466 thousand and 900 square meters. Can be seen from the trend of housing prices, second-hand housing prices rose significantly faster than the new commercial housing, new commercial housing prices in the month before the breakthrough 9000 yuan. This is mainly due to the location of the majority of new commercial housing remote, mostly for auction and living facilities are not complete, so that prices rally blocked. Specifically, in August after March this year and April net signed copy. By the end of August, 2016 second-hand housing net signed 46025 units, only 47099 sets of less than last year, the amount of net signed 1074 sets. According to the data research center data show that in August, Ji’nan second-hand housing district residential listing price chain six rose one fell". The high tech Zone of the largest increase, Huaiyin District prices fell. Inventory and deleveraging, should also be carried out from the central bank recently released data point of view, plus leveraged investment in real estate phenomenon still exists. August, RMB loans increased by 948 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of more than $139 billion 100 million. Among them, the housing mortgage loans to individuals with long-term loans increased相关的主题文章: