Shanghai 12315 complaints from the public information will be published on the Internet for a period agogoktv

Shanghai 12315 complaint information tomorrow will be published in the online publicity period of 2 years Shanghai will be publicized 12315 consumer complaints information publicity for 2 years according to the "Labor News" reports, call 12315 consumer complaints hotline for consumer complaints, complaints from tomorrow, these information will be published on the Internet in full. Reporters yesterday from the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the new "12315 consumer complaints information publicity Shanghai City Administration for Industry and commerce measures (Trial)" from September 28th formally implemented, in order to deter business operators, consumer complaints will be instant publicity through enterprise credit information publicity system, publicity for 2 years. However, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau yesterday responded that rumor, no complaints related information and enterprise operating anomaly list implementation hook. On the basis of the volume of complaints to determine the key industry reporter learned that, according to the "measures" for the new consumer complaints information needed publicity content includes: basic registration information is complaints operators complaint; operators of the number of complaints, including complaints and complaints by the total amount of operators shall not accept the acceptance, the number of complaints; complaints operators to solve the complaint information, i.e. the real solutions number of complaints and its ratio and has been accepted and gone through the number of complaints; complaints related to administrative punishment case after the turn, which is the name of the case and the case number; and other information should be publicized consumer complaints. That city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, said the new measures of consumer complaints, is that consumers need for life purchase and use of goods or services, and operators of consumer rights disputes, the request of Administration for Industry and Commerce and the market supervision and management departments to mediate behavior. And all the publicity of consumer complaints related information, it should be the working principle of legality, objective, timely, standardized, and shall not damage the consumers’ personal information protection right according to law, shall not infringe business secret protected operators in accordance with the law. According to reports, the city’s industrial and commercial departments will be based on changes in the number of consumer complaints, media supervision and public opinion focus, etc., to determine the focus of consumer complaints information publicity industry and key operators. Determine the key industries, should focus on the previous year, the number of complaints related to the relevant industry and other factors. To determine the key operators, should focus on the number of complaints or complaints related to the operator. No abnormal operating list and linked to the reporter noted that the new way that consumer complaints information would be instant publicity through enterprise credit information publicity system. In other words, through the Shanghai industrial and commercial portal, click to enter the Shanghai enterprise credit information publicity system, consumers will be able to query the corresponding business consumer complaints. All consumer complaints open to the public, so that business operators must wear the legal, compliance management invisible magic curse". At the same time, from tomorrow until December 31, 2017, the focus of the operator’s key industries, the city consumer complaints information, will be through the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau portal website for publicity, can also be through social media and consumer rights point of contact (station), the third party network trading platform and other ways of publicity. Public key operators to focus on consumer complaints, information can be based on the number of complaints, complaints and other information to resolve complaints to the operator相关的主题文章: