Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail line timetable released Jinhua fastest only 9 hours and 2 minutes tataufo

Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail line timetable of Jinhua only the fastest 9 hours and 2 minutes at the end of December this year, Guiyang to Shanghai Kunming high-speed Kunming section will be officially opened, after 8 years of construction to achieve all through the target. Reporter yesterday learned from the railway in January 5, 2017 will adjust the operation chart, the new train schedules have been released, 5 times the G prefix to Kunming South Jinhua every day, the fastest G1373 takes only 9 hours and 2 minutes, with the fastest speed passenger trains compression 19 hours. Yunnan is a major tourist Chinese Province, Jinhua down to Kunming direction, the distance, the ordinary railway trips less long railway travel bottlenecks and short board. With the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail line opened, the capacity increased significantly, the 2017 Spring Festival in Jinhua to Kunming to get a ticket, the history of the basic end, while the two days of the day, into the afternoon or evening to start at dawn and arrive at dusk, the distance quickly narrow. It is understood that the Jinhua railway station will be based on the existing 4 times normal speed trains, through the opening and extension, and then runs 5 times a day G prefix train, passenger train bound for Kunming will reach 9 times, economic and trade, tourism, commerce and labor exchanges will be very convenient. Jinhua Station passenger 5 times G prefix are: Hangzhou East – Kunming South G1421, Jinhua station at 8:30, 18:20 arrived in southern Kunming, the entire 9 hours 50 minutes; Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South G1371, Jinhua station at 9:18, 19 07 arrived in the south of Kunming, the entire 9 hours 49 minutes; Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South G1373, Jinhua station at 10:29, 19:31 arrived in southern Kunming, the entire 9 hours 2 minutes; Nanjing South – Kunming South G1379, Jinhua station at 10:34, 20:29 arrived in southern Kunming, the entire 9 hours 55 minutes; Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South G1375, Jinhua station 13 09 points of departure, arrival South Kunming time is 22:54, the entire 9 hours 45 minutes. From the Kunming South return back to Jinhua, 6 times the G prefix every day, as early as 7:38, the 12 pm departure. Due to the upward return stops more time-consuming relatively, the fastest 9 hours 39 minutes, the slowest 10 hours and 32 minutes. 6 pairs of G prefix arrived in Jinhua time to focus on the 18 to 22 06. Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail Guiyang Kunming segment is about 465 km, located along the north of Guiyang, Pingba South West Anshun, Guanling, Puan County, Qujing Prefecture, Fuyuan disc north, north, Songming, Kunming South station. According to the new timetable, from Jinhua to Kunming 5 times, in addition to the G prefix, Pu County, Songming two stops, travelers along the other train stations are very convenient. In the new train diagram, Shenyang North – Shanghai Hongqiao G1226 7G1228 5 to 1, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail, Wenzhou High-speed Rail, extending to the origin of Cangnan, Jinhua high-speed rail will reach the northeast for the first time. G1226 Jinhua 9 South 07 North departure, arrived at Shenyang at 22:15, the entire 13 hours 8 minutes; Shenyang North return at 7:55, 21 08 arrived in South Jinhua, took 13 hours 13 minutes. According to the plan, Lanzhou – Hefei K306 7 times;相关的主题文章: