Shanghai old people in 2020 or over 5 million 400 thousand will create a number of old service circl

Shanghai elderly in 2020 or over 5 million 400 thousand will create more service for the old ring today is the Double Ninth Festival, "Shanghai aging development plan" recently released "13th Five-Year". According to the latest forecast, in 2020 the city’s population is expected to be 60 years of age and older than the population of more than 5 million 400 thousand, accounting for the proportion of the city’s household population of more than 36%. However, Shanghai is the life of the elderly will be more convenient, "13th Five-Year" period, Shanghai according to the radius of the elderly, hierarchical, regional layout old community service facilities, to create a number of home life circle, Circle Village neighborhood, community care service activities, circle circle, street town integrated service ring get help in every circle of the elderly can. The current pension institutions reached 699 the reporter understands, "13th Five-Year" period, Shanghai household population aging depth as a social norm, along with the rapid economic and social development. The rapid increase in the middle aged population, the steady growth of the elderly population, the proportion of the aging population continues to increase; the one-child parents become elderly subjects, pure old family, the elderly living alone increase; non permanent resident elderly population gradually increased. From 2016 to 2020, is expected in the household population of the elderly population aged 60 and above the average annual increase of about 200 thousand, to 2018 is expected to exceed 5 million, 2020 is expected to exceed 5 million 400 thousand, accounting for the proportion of household population will exceed 36%. "12th Five-Year" period, Shanghai city pension system to co-ordinate the development of urban and rural residents, the new agricultural insurance and insurance system, the formation of urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance system and urban system, and realize the transfer of convergence between. Meanwhile, the construction of social pension service system to accelerate. According to reports, the city’s total of 699 pension institutions, pension beds total to 126 thousand; completed a total community elderly day care center 442, community to help the elderly meal service points 634, community poly home care service number reached more than 300 thousand people. Start the long-term care insurance pilot reporter learned that the "13th Five-Year" period, Shanghai will continue to improve the old-age social security system. On the one hand will co-ordinate the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, realize the system of new rural cooperative medical system and the medical insurance system. On this basis, the establishment of long-term care insurance system to improve the ability to pay for the elderly. Stakeholders analysis, in the framework of national policy, combined with the actual situation in Shanghai, the city launched a long-term care insurance pilot, the establishment of long-term care financing, evaluation, payment, service, supervision and other systems. Support and encourage Business insurance company to develop commercial long-term care insurance products. At the same time, the establishment of a unified economic and social development to adapt to the unified system of the elderly allowance. To meet the requirements of the elderly, according to different age groups, to provide coverage of the needs of the elderly nutrition, transportation and other aspects of the travel allowance. In addition, the "13th Five-Year" period, the elderly medical center in Shanghai will be built in elderly medical center 1 – 3 sets of medicine, teaching and research, "as one of the key disciplines of medicine and some old clinical bases, promote the construction of the elderly medical center, to encourage the development of geriatric medicine specialist three hospitals, two hospitals to support the transformation of parts the elderly to the regional medical center. In addition, by 2020, the city pension institutions相关的主题文章: