Shanghai pilot ” waste oil reuse ” hundreds of buses drink ” gutter oil “-k-boxing

Shanghai pilot " drainage oil using "   bus; 100 " drink; drainage oil " road – Sichuan Channel – original title: Shanghai pilot " drainage oil using " " bus; 100 drink; drainage oil " road is a bus company pilot "drainage oil recycling" that has 147 Road, 55 Road, 960 road and other lines of the bus "energy" to the day before yesterday, they have normal driving about 10000000 kilometers. This reporter was yesterday at the bus company "Sun Hua chief technician studio results Exhibition" was informed. "Hogwash oil" is specially collected by the food management department, and then handled by professional units. Now the bus engine emissions standards are up to Europe five, Europe four level, at the beginning dare not use ‘gutter oil’, afraid of damage. Later, after a series of real vehicle testing and testing, it has been put into use. At present, 104 buses have used "gutter oil". This kind of oil is also called biodiesel, because it is a mixture of waste oil and diesel oil." Sun Hua, a senior technician at the bus company, told reporters. In yesterday’s show, Sun Hua studio chief technologist demonstrated innovative development of sunwin Euro three and euro four models, a new type of fault identification card driver safety operation manual, senior bus dashboard fault repair 14 scientific and technological achievements. (: Luo Yu, commissioning editor Gao Hongxia) 沪试点"地沟油再利用" 百余公交车喝"地沟油"上路–四川频道–人民网 原标题:沪试点"地沟油再利用" 百余公交车喝"地沟油"上路   正在巴士一公司试点的“地沟油再利用”,已为147路、55路、960路等多条线路的公交车补充了“能量”,到前天为止,它们已经正常行驶了1000多万公里。这是记者昨天在巴士一公司“孙华首席技师工作室成果展示会”上获悉的。   “地沟油由食品管理部门专门收集,然后由专业单位进行处理。现在公交车的发动机排放标准都达到欧五、欧四水平,一开始不敢用‘地沟油’,怕受损害。后来经过一系列的实车测试及检验后才投入使用,目前已经有104辆公交车使用了‘地沟油’。这种油也叫‘生物柴油’,因为它是地沟油与柴油混合处理而成的。”巴士一公司高级技师孙华告诉记者。   在昨天的展示会上,孙华首席技师工作室展示了创新研制开发的申沃欧三和欧四车型故障识别卡、新车型的驾驶员安全操作手册、高级公交车仪表盘故障修复等14项科技成果。 (责编:罗昱、高红霞)相关的主题文章: