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Yesterday, the Shanghai property market turnover 2000 sets – Property – People’s original title: Shanghai property market yesterday broke the 2000 sets of these days here to queue up for divorce, more than 90% of the house is noisy." With a variety of regulatory rumors continue to be enlarged, Shanghai divorce also entered a white hot and time sprint sprint sprint stage. In this regard, the staff Civil Affairs Bureau said that even though these people are "fake divorce", but still want to repeat them with "fake divorce risk", in fact does not exist "false divorce", as long as is true and effective after formalities. According to the Shanghai real estate trading center data, as of 19:20 yesterday, Shanghai new house turnover has reached 2042 units, which is a breakthrough in Shanghai Yishoufang turnover for the first time in a row for a thousand days. Just behind the hot property market in Shanghai, the divorce registry also appeared in the line of men, "fake divorce" buy a lot of Shanghai couples, even in Shanghai, officials have said the rumor in last night has not studied the purchase of credit policy after the divorce registration office queuing crowd is still not reduced. The scene like "food market" busy divorce registration office yesterday in Shanghai has been with some cool autumn, half past two in the afternoon, near the train station on the third floor of the Jingan District Civil Affairs Bureau divorce registration office is unusually lively, more than and 30 square meters of the room crowded more than and 50 people, a young couple, also have the older HUAFA old man, there are a bit like the vegetable market crowded "". To imagine the different divorce registration office atmosphere in addition to lively, do not feel sad, not to see the The imprint is engraved on my heart. parting, people cry. A female staff told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, the past few days here lined up for divorce, more than 90% of the house is noisy. "Divorce" is just a way to buy a house on the road, we are happy to leave too late. "Who else didn’t do the interrogation?" After the staff shouted three people responded. Inquiry transcripts are often more serious and rigorous procedures in the divorce agreement, the two sides have come to this step, there will always be some controversy, tangled. But BYD reporter met in the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau yesterday several cases of interrogation record, a few minutes are done, the only requirement is fast. The property market rumors triggered by the "divorce" the divorce registration office around 2:30 in the afternoon, a young man at the side of the phone while running on the third floor of the Civil Affairs Bureau, pushed to the front of the staff almost pleading ask: "there is no? Can I do it today?" He was with his wife about two to Civil Affairs Bureau divorce registration, the wife in the traffic jam for a moment to be, much more anxious him. Jingan District Civil Affairs Bureau divorce registration office every Monday, two, and the morning of every and every Tuesday afternoon for registration, the couple if the day can not do, it means to wait until September. They don’t want to wait until September. This young couple divorce and many of Shanghai these days are the same, have recently received such a message: "September 1st Shanghai implementation of the new restriction policy, housing recognize loan, where there are China loan records first fangshoufu will be increased to 50%, two suites will improve)相关的主题文章: