Shanghai recruits 588 administrative law enforcement civil servants to sign up at 10 points on 23

Shanghai recruiting 588 civil servants of administrative law enforcement on 23 10 points according to the registration department of the office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of Shanghai issued a "public official WeChat office September 23rd news: the Municipal Civil Service Bureau said today, open social recruiting 588 civil servants of administrative law enforcement (including law enforcement personnel 438, market supervision and law enforcement personnel 150 name). Today 10:00 16:00 can log on to September 27th, the register condition (a) has the nationality of People’s Republic of China; (two) with a bachelor’s degree or above, more than 18 years of age, 35 years of age (born between September 23, 1980 and September 23, 1998), graduating master and doctoral students (non working) age may be relaxed to 40 years old (born after September 23, 1975); (three) support the constitution of People’s Republic of China; (four) has a good character; (five) perform their duties with normal physical condition; (six) are in line with the requirements of the work ability; (seven) with the provisions of the central and municipal administrative department of civil servants aspiring to other jobs require qualifications. The social workers in other provinces and cities have applied for postgraduate examination (graduates have registered for social work). They must have a master’s degree or above, and hold a residence permit in Shanghai for more than a year (within the validity period). The score is 120 points above the standard score. According to the notice of the Shanghai Municipal People’s government, the Shanghai garrison "on the 2015 city resettlement of demobilized soldiers to receive the" (smpg g 2015 No. 59) the spirit of the administrative enforcement of the civil service recruiting plan, directed by 16 with permanent residence in the city (except high school, have a collective account) university degree or above in 2015 in line with the government’s arrangements for retired soldiers working conditions. According to the civil servant law and its relevant regulations, the serving civil servants who are in service period of 2 years (including probationary period) but are still in the 5 years’ service period, and those who work in accordance with the civil law management organs (units), must be examined and approved by the agencies (units). Because of the crime criminal punishment personnel and was expelled from office staff, was identified in all levels of civil servants in the recruitment of a fraud and other serious violations of discipline personnel employment, students in reading, dissatisfied with the service life of the civil service law and civil administration institutions of staff, civil servants were dismissed under the age of 5 years, and the law regulations shall not be employed as civil servants and other circumstances of personnel, shall not apply. If the examinee is related to the staff in the examination unit, the recruiting unit should be prepared, and the recruitment position that constitutes the avoidance relationship shall not be submitted for the examination. The exam enrollment procedures (a) job recruiting this recruiting position for law enforcement personnel and market supervision and law enforcement personnel, recruiting position qualifications in the "Shanghai city administrative enforcement of civil service recruitment rules" (click at the end of the paper read directly into the text). (two) online registration of online registration. The enrolment time of the written examination is from 10:00 to 16:00 in September 23rd to September 27th. The registration website is the website of the Shanghai Municipal Civil Service Bureau (). Carry out the system of informing commitment. Apply for registration of persons, shall be in accordance with the requirements of the register condition and released positions, truthfully fill out the "Shanghai city administrative enforcement of the civil service recruitment examination registration information table", and upload my recent bareheaded photos (recent full faced passport, JPG format, the height of 105 to 210 pixels, the width of 75 to 150 pixels, the size of 50KB the following). Applicants can not use new or old two identity cards to sign up at the same time, and the identity card number must be consistent with the examination. Photos of the applicants should register online personal information and upload to responsible, forgery or alteration of the relevant documents, materials, information, by examination, according to the "civil service recruitment examination malpractices approach (Trial)" the relevant provisions to be addressed. Registration is the post registration. The examinees may choose the city management law enforcement position or the market supervision and law enforcement position for the examination, and on this basis can fill in 3 positions at most. Candidates for urban management and law enforcement can directly select 3 districts and counties for urban management and law enforcement duties. Candidates must be examined in the market supervision and law enforcement. Candidates must be able to fill in the next job post after volunteering for a job. If they are examined, they can not be changed once they are audited. The interview list is determined according to the ranking of the successively and written test results. If 3 volunteers fail to enter the interview, the municipal civil service department will make a unified adjustment in the candidates who are willing to accept the dispensing. The candidates who are unwilling to accept the adjustment will have no interview opportunities. Each candidate has only one interview. (three) online payment can be made after online payment is completed. The time for online payment is from 10:00 September 23rd to 18:00 September 27th. The successful applicants will be downloaded and printed on the website of Shanghai Civil Service Bureau in October 19th. The rural special poor students and urban low insurance personnel who are to enjoy the cost of remission and exemptions are not to be paid on the Internet. The candidates with a street (township) issued by the civil affairs departments above the poor Certificate (original) and "social assistance notice" (copy), provincial and municipal candidates with the family seat of the county (city, district) civil affairs departments issued to enjoy the minimum living security proof (original) and low assurance (copy a), absolute poverty in rural areas family candidates with their family seat of the county (city, district) Office of Poverty Alleviation (Department) issued by the poor proof (original) and poor basic family file card (photocopy), to complete the registration, the right to upload photos on the Internet, and choose to apply for "to enjoy the exemption of the examination cost", with my registration number 14:00-16:00 in September 27th to Shanghai city occupation ability examination (Xuhui District No. 120 Caobao Road, No. 40 floor reception hall, near Guilin Road) for relief procedures. The examination method and the scope of the written examination are based on the "Shanghai administrative law enforcement civil servant examination outline". The outline of the examination is published on the website of the Shanghai Municipal Civil Service Bureau. Written examination subjects include "the administration occupation ability test" and "Shen" (law enforcement). Written in October 23rd, specific arrangements as follows: 9:00-11:00 on the morning (law enforcement) 13:00-14:30 PM administration occupation ability test should apply for admission in accordance with the set time and place to attend the exam. When taking the exam, you must carry my test certificate and ID card. Interview interviews include physical assessment, psychological assessment and structured interview. According to the municipal administrative department of Civil Servants Recruiting job applicants written examination total score, from high to low ranking, determined to participate in the interview list according to the total number of job recruiting 1:3 proportion, is expected in November 18th 10, announced the examination scores and examination personnel written examination results in Shanghai City Civil Service Bureau website. The enrollment plan will be properly adjusted by the proportion of the actual number of applicants and less than 5:1. Candidates who enter the interview list for urban management and law enforcement positions should be selected from 10 November 18th to 18 November 18th, filling in the specific position of city management and law enforcement, and at most three posts. If 3 volunteers fail to enter the interview list after sorting according to the written test results, the municipal civil service authorities will conduct a unified adjustment in the areas with insufficient interview. If the examinee does not fill in the specific urban management and law enforcement position on time, the municipal civil service department will carry out a unified adjustment in the position of insufficient number of interviews in this area. There is only one specific position for the law enforcement position in this district, and there is no need to fill in the specific volunteer. The interview (including physical evaluation, psychological evaluation) time and place, form and relevant requirements in November 18th through the online registration system. At the same time, candidates must confirm whether they participate in the interview. After the interview is confirmed on the Internet, the recruiting unit will no longer notice. Physical fitness assessment and psychological assessment are arranged from November 22nd to November 23rd (applicants must take part in and pass the physical fitness evaluation standards, and see the specific standards of Shanghai civil servants’ physical fitness evaluation items and standards). The physical assessment takes a single phase elimination system, and the candidates who have not passed the physical assessment will no longer participate in structured interviews. The structured interview was arranged from November 26th to November 28th, and the specific time was determined by the recruiting unit. During the interview, I must provide the original of my ID card, student card (work permit), registration information form for applicants, and other supporting materials required by recruiting units. In the absence of the above-mentioned documents and materials, it is not in principle to participate in the interview. The Organization Department of Municipal Committee and the health education work of Party committees and selection of excellent fresh university graduates, three of a help, hiring college graduates to serve the village of college graduates, college students volunteer service in the western region of the expiration of the service and assessment of qualified volunteers in universities, professional counselor for four years and the assessment of outstanding personnel identified by the Department in charge of the corresponding certificate. If the main information about the material is not true, the recruiting unit has the right to cancel the qualification of the applicant for the interview. 2 working days after the end of the interview, the administrative department of civil servants, the interview results announced by the Shanghai Municipal Civil Service Bureau website. After the examination and interview, we will determine the candidates for physical examination and inspection according to the order of comprehensive results from high to low. The calculation method of comprehensive achievement is as follows: the score of the written examination is 40%, the result of the interview is 60% (the total score of the written examination and the result of the interview are all calculated by the percentage of the score). According to the general standard of civil service recruitment examination (Trial), the recruiting unit will organize the personnel interviewed to the designated medical institutions for physical examination. The number of individual participants in the interview and the number of employment plans is lower than 3:1, and the recruiting organ may appropriately reduce the enrollment according to the situation. The interview score of the medical inspectors should not be less than 60 points. The publicity personnel shall be selected by the recruiting units according to the prescribed procedures and standards, from the examination results, physical examination and qualified personnel, and will be publicized on the website of Shanghai Municipal Civil Service Bureau. The public presentation includes the name, sex, the quasi examination number, the unit or the graduate school. At the same time, the report telephone is published and the social supervision is accepted, and the public notice period is 5 working days. Through the website of the Shanghai Municipal Civil Service Bureau, the employment method has no objection, and the examination and approval procedures are handled in time. The probation period of the new recruits for one year is one year. If the probation is qualified at the expiration of the term, it shall serve the job; if it is not qualified, the employment shall be cancelled. On the premise of taking part in the initial training and passing the examination, new recruits need to take part in pre job training and get the law enforcement certificate after examination, so that they can engage in law enforcement. The training situation is an important basis for the test results of the probation period. The administrative law enforcement civil servants are required to serve for 5 years in the administrative law enforcement posts. After 5 years, it is generally possible to communicate in the corresponding law enforcement posts. As a result of the work needs, the examination and evaluation can also be exchanged between different categories of posts. Recruitment consulting and supervision policy advisory Tel: 64378292 apply for retired soldiers policy advisory Tel: 23111527 Tel: 61969089 examination online registration technical advisory Tel: 24022726 Tel: 95534-6 online payment supervision Tel: 64333772 note: the test does not specify the examination counseling books, do not hold any commission or agency to conduct examinations counseling training. At present, any tutorial class, tutorial website or publications or network cards that are held in the name of civil service examination proposition group or specialized training institution are not related to this examination. Please pay attention to the examination staff to be cautious and beware of being deceived. 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上海招聘588名行政执法类公务员 23日10点起报名   据上海市人民政府办公厅“上海发布”办公室官方微信公众号9月23日消息:市公务员局说,今天起面向社会公开招录588名行政执法类公务员(其中,城管执法人员438名,市场监管执法人员150名)。今天10:00至9月27日16:00,可登录  报考条件   (一)具有中华人民共和国国籍;   (二)具有大学本科以上文化程度,18周岁以上、35周岁以下(1980年9月23日至1998年9月23日期间出生),应届硕士、博士研究生(非在职)年龄可适当放宽到40周岁以下(1975年9月23日以后出生);   (三)拥护中华人民共和国宪法;   (四)具有良好的品行;   (五)具有正常履行职责的身体条件;   (六)具有符合职位要求的工作能力;   (七)具备中央和市公务员主管部门规定的拟任职位所要求的其他资格条件。   外省市社会人员报考(已毕业人员按社会人员报考),须具有硕士研究生以上学历,且持有上海市居住证一年以上(仍在有效期内),积分达到标准分值120分以上。   根据上海市人民政府、上海警备区《关于做好本市2015年退役士兵接收安置工作的通知》(沪府发〔2015〕59号)精神,在本次行政执法类公务员招录计划内,定向招考16名具有本市常住户口(高校集体户口除外),取得大学本科及其以上学历的2015年符合政府安排工作条件的退役士兵。   根据公务员法及其有关规定,服务年限满2年(含试用期)但尚在5年服务期内的在职公务员和参照公务员法管理的机关(单位)工作人员报考,须经所在机关(单位)批准同意。   因犯罪受过刑事处罚的人员和曾被开除公职的人员、在各级公务员招考中被认定有舞弊等严重违反录用纪律行为的人员、在读学生、不满服务年限的公务员和参照公务员法管理事业单位工作人员、公务员被辞退未满5年的,以及法律法规规定不得录用为公务员的其他情形的人员,不得报考。报考人员与所报考单位中工作人员有亲属关系的,需向招录单位进行报备,构成回避关系的招录职位不得报考。   考试报名办法   (一)招录职位   本次招录职位为城管执法人员和市场监管执法人员,招录职位的资格条件等详见《上海市行政执法类公务员招考简章》(点击文末阅读原文直接进入)。   (二)网上报名   本次考试采取网络报名的方式进行。笔试报名时间为9月23日10:00至9月27日16:00,报名网站为上海市公务员局网站()。实行告知承诺制。报考人员报名时,须按照公布的报考条件和职位要求,如实填写《上海市行政执法类公务员招考考试报名信息表》,同时上传本人近期免冠电子照片(近期免冠正面证件照,jpg格式,高度105至210像素内、宽度75至150像素内,大小50KB以下)。报考人员不能用新、旧两个身份证号同时报名,报名与考试时使用的身份证号必须一致。   报考人员应对网上报名的个人信息材料和上传的电子照片负责,对伪造、变造有关证件、材料、信息,骗取考试资格的,将按《公务员录用考试违纪违规行为处理办法(试行)》的有关规定予以处理。   考试报名即职位报名。报考人员可选择城管执法职位或市场监管执法职位报考,并在此基础上至多可填报3个职位志愿。   报考城管执法考生可直接选择3个区县城管执法职位志愿;报考市场监管执法考生必须在审核通过一个职位志愿后方可填报下一个职位志愿,报考职位一经审核通过不得更改。面试名单按志愿先后及笔试成绩排名确定。若3个志愿都未能进入面试,市公务员主管部门将在选择"愿意接受调剂"的考生中进行统一调剂,选择"不愿意接受调剂"的考生将没有面试机会。每名考生只有一次面试机会。   (三)网上缴费   完成网上报名后可进行网上缴费。网上缴费的时间是9月23日10:00至9月27日18:00,缴费成功的报考人员,请于10月19日10:00至18:00在上海市公务员局网站上下载并打印准考证。   拟享受减免有关考务费用的农村特困大学生和城市低保人员,不实行网上缴费。本市报考人员凭街道(乡镇)以上民政部门出具的特困证明(原件)和"社会救助通知书"(复印件),外省市报考人员凭其家庭所在地的县(区、市)民政部门出具的享受最低生活保障的证明(原件)和低保证(复印件),农村绝对贫困家庭的报考人员凭其家庭所在地的县(区、市)扶贫办(部门)出具的特困证明(原件)和特困家庭基本情况档案卡(复印件),在网上完成报名、正确上传照片,并选择申请"拟享受减免有关考务费用"后,凭本人注册编号,于9月27日14:00-16:00到上海市职业能力考试院(徐汇区漕宝路120号内40号楼受理大厅,近桂林路)办理减免手续。   考试方法和内容   笔试范围以《上海市行政执法类公务员招考考试大纲》为准。《考试大纲》在上海市公务员局网站上公布。笔试科目包括《行政职业能力测验》和《申论(行政执法类)》。   笔试时间为10月23日,具体安排为:   上午9:00-11:00 申论(行政执法类)   下午13:00-14:30 行政职业能力测验   报考人员应按照准考证上确定的时间、地点准时参加考试。参加考试时,必须携带本人准考证和身份证。   面试   面试包括体能测评、心理测评和结构化面试。   市公务员主管部门根据招录职位报考人员的笔试总成绩,从高分到低分排序,按招录职位总人数1:3比例确定参加面试人员名单,预计于11月18日10时,在上海市公务员局网站公布笔试合格分数线和笔试合格人员的笔试成绩。   实际报考人数与计划录用人数不足5:1比例的,将适当调整招录计划。   进入城管执法职位面试名单的考生,请于11月18日10时至11月18日18时,填报本区具体城管执法职位志愿,至多可填报三个职位志愿。若3个志愿按笔试成绩高低排序后都未能进入面试名单,市公务员主管部门将在本区面试人数不足的职位中进行统一调剂。考生未按时填报具体城管执法职位志愿的,市公务员主管部门将在本区面试人数不足的职位中进行统一调剂。本区城管执法职位只有一个具体职位的,则无需填报具体志愿。   面试(包括体能测评、心理测评)时间、地点、形式及有关要求于11月18日后通过网上报名系统查询。同时,考生必须对是否参加面试进行确认。考生在网上进行面试确认后,招录单位将不再另行通知。   体能测评和心理测评安排在11月22日至11月23日(报考人员须参加并通过体能测评标准,具体标准详见《上海市行政执法类公务员体能测评项目和标准》)。体能测评采取单项淘汰制,未通过体能测评的考生将不再参加结构化面试。   结构化面试安排在11月26日至11月28日,具体时间由招录单位确定。   面试时,须提供本人身份证、学生证(工作证)的原件、报考人员报名信息表和有关招录单位要求提供的其他证明材料。缺少上述证件、材料者,原则上不得参加面试。对经市委组织部、市教育卫生工作党委选拔的应届优秀高校毕业生、"三支一扶"高校毕业生、选聘到村任职的高校毕业生、大学生志愿服务西部计划中服务期满且考核合格的志愿者、在高校专职辅导员岗位工作满四年且考核优秀的人员的认定,由相应的主管部门出具证明。凡有关材料主要信息不实的,招录单位有权取消该报考人员参加面试的资格。   面试工作结束的2个工作日后,市公务员主管部门通过上海市公务员局网站公布面试成绩。   体检和考察   面试结束后,将按照综合成绩从高到低的顺序确定进入体检和考察的人选。综合成绩的计算方法为:笔试成绩占40%,面试成绩占60%(笔试总成绩和面试成绩均按百分制折算)。   招录单位将按照《公务员录用体检通用标准(试行)》,组织通过面试的人员到指定的本市医疗机构进行体检。   个别参加面试人数与录用计划数比例低于3:1的职位,招录机关可以根据情况适当减招。   进入体检考察人员面试成绩不得低于60分。   公示   拟录用人员由招录单位按规定的程序和标准,从考试成绩、体检和考察合格的人员中择优确定,并将在上海市公务员局网站上公示。公示内容包括拟录用人员姓名、性别、准考证号、所在单位或毕业院校。同时公布举报电话,接受社会监督,公示期为5个工作日。   录用方式   经上海市公务员局网站上公示无异议的,及时办理录用审批手续。新录用人员试用期为一年。试用期满合格的,予以任职;不合格的,取消录用。   新录用人员在参加初任培训并通过考试的前提下,还需参加岗前培训,经考试合格取得执法证后,方可从事执法工作。培训情况作为试用期考核结果的重要依据。   行政执法类公务员录用后需在行政执法类岗位上服务满5年。满5年后一般可在相应的执法岗位交流转任。因工作需要,经考核测评,也可在不同类别的岗位之间交流转任。   招考咨询与监督   政策咨询电话:64378292   退役士兵报考政策咨询电话:23111527   考务咨询电话:61969089   网上报名技术咨询电话:24022726   网上支付咨询电话:95534-6   监督电话:64333772   特别提示:本次考试不指定考试辅导用书,不举办也不委托任何机构举办考试辅导培训班。目前社会上出现的任何以公务员考试命题组、专门培训机构等名义举办的辅导班、辅导网站或发行的出版物、上网卡等,均与本次考试无关。敬请广大报考人员提高警惕,谨防上当受骗。   热点新闻:   上海新一轮轨交建设规划一览 9条线路涉及闵行   G1501年底主线全幅贯通 匝道明年6月前修复完毕   阿大吴根存:三十年的葱油饼 一辈子的上海味道   王思聪泡吧美女穿着清凉性感坐陪 豪华果盘长成树   沪上白领餐贴上百倍差距令人咂舌 维权困难自认倒霉   天气预报:   申城今明两天多云 周日有雨周二气温升至30度相关的主题文章: