Shanghai this winter will be earlier than usual before the weekend or the two wave of haze txplatform

Shanghai this winter will be earlier than usual before the weekend or the two wave of haze of strong cold air coming, the highest temperature at 7 days than yesterday dropped 10 degrees, body feeling quite some "winter night" feeling. However, this wave is not over yet, this morning the minimum temperature will drop to about 10 degrees Celsius, the suburbs will be lower, the temperature is limited during the day, the maximum temperature of about 13 degrees celsius. The morning air temperature will continue to 11 days, and the temperature will rise slowly from tomorrow, is expected to be the weekend climbed to 18 DEG -19 deg. Affected by static and stable weather, the weekend is expected to have two waves of pollution weather. Today Shanghai overcast to cloudy day, the eastern region has short rain, cloudy with scattered light rain in the city at night. Later this week in Shanghai by high pressure control, mainly cloudy, sooner or later, the temperature is still low, especially on the morning of 11, the minimum temperature dropped to 9 degrees Celsius, daytime temperatures began to rise, the weekend of the highest temperature at 19 degrees celsius. The air quality, 10-11 day, 13-14 day by static stability weather, slip, the atmospheric diffusion conditions of smaller wind, will usher in a new round of haze weather process. The air quality is mainly PM2.5 mild to moderate pollution, but it does not rule out the possibility of short-term severe pollution. More than moderate pollution period mainly concentrated in the evening of 11 to the evening and the morning of 13 to the morning. The beginning of 15, with the easterly enhancement, the city diffusion conditions to improve, and gradually ease the haze weather process in the end. According to city public meteorological service center news, the haze weather process has three distinct characteristics: one is the concentration of particulate matter during the day and night light weight, a significant diurnal variation; two is due to low humidity, low water content, limited impact on visibility, visibility does not appear serious obstacles; three the main source of particle transportation in local accumulation and the surrounding city in Yangtze River Delta, North China’s heavy pollution weather has no direct impact on the city. City Meteorological Bureau Chief Service official Wu Rui said that Shanghai is the winter of December 3rd in the year. But this year by the La Nina effect, probably the winter comes earlier than usual. This wave of cold air is unlikely to send the city into a meteorological significance of the winter, but the next wave of cold air may come with the winter.相关的主题文章: