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Shanghai’s largest smuggling case 29 people arrested someone to make a lot of money stranded South Korea – Sohu news in November 17th, "the head" Gong Moumou in Shanghai Wusong International Cruise Port arrested, Shanghai authorities uncovered 29 Chinese citizens attempt to cruise and exit in the overseas illegal detention of major cases. The case is the largest number of people caught in the history of the Shanghai cruise ports, the most influential cases of smuggling together. Surging news (reporter) from the Immigration Department was informed that in November 17th, Wusong International Cruise Port ushered in the "ocean quantum" and "Diamond Princess" number two cruise ships dock, the day a total of nearly 16 thousand Chinese and foreign immigration. 13 pm the same day, immigration hall and the usual bustling, crowded, waiting for customs clearance of nearly five thousand passengers, ready to take a luxury cruise ship "ocean quantum" exit to Korea Tourism in Inchon. In the process of exit inspection process, Pujiang border inspection station police on duty found a few passengers look abnormal, they looked around, his face reveals the source of anxiety and discomfort, combined with pre Paimo border police work, they launched a targeted inquiry, found Jiangxi passengers Moumou, painted a certain foreign groups illegal detention of suspects, then ask the team leader on duty. Review at first, two people confessed only travel to Korea, refused to explain the real purpose. After police repeatedly, in front of the frontier inspection authorities facts and evidence, they want to take a cruise on the exit after landing in South Korea and detained illegally confessed. The interrogation, according to Mr Chen Moumou, Moumou confession, Pujiang border inspection station Lock Day Departing passenger Gong Moumou, organized the others to go overseas illegally. After further review, has seized two people confessed Gong Moumou to collect 4-5 yuan per person yuan reward, arrange them on a cruise to South Korea to work abroad. Pujiang frontier inspection station quickly arrange police, is to exit hall around the Gong Moumou to control, and in the personal and baggage to check in, found list of pre printed records above staff, Chen Moumou, Moumou and a total of 28 people with the name and the amount paid and other important clues. The police personnel listed one by one search control and investigation on the list, in mastering a lot of conclusive evidence, according to the relevant laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the frontierinspection, involved 29 people transferred to Shanghai public security organs for further processing. According to the Pujiang frontier inspection station seized on duty team leader, "the head" Gong Moumou suspects identity information were packed into "manager", "senior staff", and booked a trip to South Korea’s cruise tourism products through a travel agency, in an attempt to lead them on a cruise to South Korea to arrange local snakehead workers. In the 29 suspects, many of them are related department or association. There is a poor family, father and son, father to son’s marriage has been anxious, because relatives say to South Korean workers can earn money, then change all the valuables in the seller, put all sorts of things together 100 thousand yuan to the "snake", ready to go to Korea to make "the wife". There is a young man in Sichuan, his father had laryngeal cancer, surgery.相关的主题文章: