Shanxi Institute of media public collection of new school motto Badge sugus

Shanxi Institute of media for a new motto badge anthem recently, from the Shanxi Institute of media to understand, in order to put the mountain pass spirit, mountain pass charm to depict the motto, emblem, anthem, as always inspire endless power struggle spirit mountain ", the school decided for the whole public solicitation new motto, emblem, anthem. Participants can be individuals, teams or units. School official said, Shanxi Institute of media from the 1983 radio and Television Department of the North China Radio and television school began, from secondary school to college to college, thirty years to take a big step forward in the past three years. Today, the national first-class universities founded blueprint drawn, all descendants of the mountain is a new attitude to create a new brilliance. This collection is to show the media undergraduate school, teachers and students of vigorous spirit; reflect the teachers and students’ sense of responsibility, sense of mission and responsibility; highlight the school philosophy, the spirit of reform and development prospects; inspire all the teachers and students will firm characteristics to create bright national first-class universities and media heroic feelings. It is understood that the motto of the solicitation requirements that accurately reflect the school tradition and cultural spirit, profound meaning, cohesion, encouraging; language is rich in cultural connotation, meet the development requirements of the times; number of short, easy to read; please attach all creative ideas and concise explanation, such as books, attribution. The solicitation requirements: to highlight the distinctive elements of school, on behalf of the school foundation; design style is solemn and rich cultural connotation; pattern neat lines, simple colors; the basic elements include school Chinese "Shanxi Institute of media", to use the inscription school "Yao Dianzhong" as the standard word. English: Communication University of Shanxi; English referred to as: CUSX; design drawings shall be accompanied by the design idea, creative description, description of color (color scheme); LOGO design in the form and technical measures, should be applied to the plane, three-dimensional and electronic media and new work. The solicitation requirements: to properly reflect the development history of the school and the school aim and school characteristics, inspiring, inspiring; language is rich in cultural connotation and sense of the times, the style for collective sung; sentence rigorous neat, moderate length. To be creative, to avoid duplication with other schools can be a single song; lyrics, but also the creation of Ci and Qu; with a brief description of the creation. And the one who can be attached to the music sample (CD, VCD, DVD or tape etc.). The school will set up a special work review committee, invite relevant experts, organize review work of school leaders, teachers and students and alumni representatives, works by the review committee to the finalists, through consultations, school related meetings, the selection of the final plan. For the finalists, the school will depend on the situation were given awards, and awarded honorary certificates, badge, motto: Song (words), song (song), an award winning prize, bonus 5000 yuan. Each project has 5 outstanding awards, bonuses of $1000." School responsible person said. The school responsible person also stressed that in addition to the motto of scheme, the 9相关的主题文章: