Shaoxing, Zhuji, 88 year old went to Hangzhou to pursue love, lost the way-97179

Shaoxing, Zhuji, 88 years old to go to Hangzhou pursuit of love, the result lost, two days ago, in Hangzhou, a thing happened, once burst in Hangzhou Zhuji people’s circle of friends. The origin of things is a 88 year old love journey…… Looking for a pair of contact to the mother of 88 years old, is supposed to be the children around the knee, said of a couple years, but for Zhao Jia Zhen Shang Jing Cun Hu uncle, but this life is not achieved…… His life unmarried, childless, collar subsistence life. He has advanced in age a bit confused. The result was a muddled mistake. A few days ago, he watched television, there was a woman in Hangzhou on television, led a child looking for the other half, when the child shouted to the camera, "Dad."". Hu uncle mistakenly believe that this is his father shouted to him, he mistakenly thought he had a wife and children, happy bad, "someone called my dad, I have a wife and children, can not happy, I want to go to Hangzhou to find them."!" So he went to Hangzhou with his low premiums. Lost four or five hours, met a Zhuji people arrived in Hangzhou, the old man found himself completely without direction. Wu Tingting, Zhuji East White Lakers, ran an advertising company in Hangzhou Qiutao Road, settled there for 20 years, she found the old man. She was working overtime, heard the Zhuji accent outside the door, the other party seems to say "can not find the place."". Wu Tingting hurried out. She saw Uncle Hu, wearing a tunic, with a large black briefcase, wrinkled, a very powerful. "This uncle is too old, but also Zhuji own people, looking at heartache." Wu Tingting said. Zhuji people want to help the Zhuji people relay, Wu Tingting accompanied him to a small hotel not far away, but unfortunately full. Wu Tingting thought and asked for help from the police. Police sent uncle to rescue station, Wu Tingting began to look for clues through WeChat, hoping to help the elderly go home. "I was in the circle of friends and a variety of Zhuji people in the hair, everyone looked for the elderly impatient." Zhuji people’s chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou helped a lot. There are hundreds of people in Hangzhou Zhuji, soon, netizen "stale" came the important clues: "it is said that Beijing is Zhao village, the name should be called Liang yun……" Wang Guozhang, President of the Gongshu branch of the Zhuji chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou, immediately contacted the police station of Zhao town, and through the docking of the police stations in Zhuji and Hangzhou, the identity of the old man was made clear. 3 September 21st afternoon, uncle Liang Yun returned to Beijing Zhao Jia Zhen Village home, healthy, safe and healthy.

绍兴诸暨88岁老人去杭州追求爱情 结果迷路了 两天前,在杭州发生了一件事,一度刷爆在杭诸暨人的朋友圈。事情缘起一个88岁老人的寻爱之旅……寻找一对接触不到的母子88岁,原本应该是儿孙绕膝,白头偕老的年岁,但对于赵家镇上京村的胡大爷来说,却这辈子也实现不了了……他一辈子未娶妻,无儿无女,领低保生活。年事已高,他已经有点糊涂了。结果犯了一个糊涂的错误。前些天,他看电视,电视上有一个身在杭州的女子,领着一个孩子想寻找另一半,当时,孩子对着镜头喊了一声“爸爸”。胡大爷误以为这声爸爸是对着他喊的,他误以为自己已经有了老婆孩子,开心坏了, “有人喊我爸爸了,我有老婆孩子了,能不高兴吗,我要去杭州找他们!” 于是,他拿着低保费就不顾一切去了杭州。迷失四五个小时,遇到一个诸暨人到了杭州,老人发现自己完全没有了方向。吴婷婷,诸暨东白湖人,在杭州秋涛北路上经营一家广告公司,定居那里20多年,她发现了这位老大爷。她在加班,听见门外有诸暨口音,对方好像在说“找不到地方”。吴婷婷赶紧走了出去。她看到了胡大爷,穿着中山装,拿着很大的黑色公文包,满脸的皱纹,驼背很厉害。“这个大爷年纪太大了,又是诸暨自家人,看着心疼。”吴婷婷说。诸暨人要帮诸暨人 两地接力吴婷婷陪着他走到不远处的小旅馆,可惜客满。吴婷婷想了想,求助警方。民警把大爷送去救助站,吴婷婷开始通过微信寻找线索,希望能帮助老人回家。“我就在朋友圈和各种诸暨人的群里发,大家一看都替老人心急。”杭州市诸暨人商会群帮了很大的忙。里面有上百个在杭诸暨人,很快,网友“陈味”传来一条重要线索:“据说是赵家上京村人,名字应该叫良云……”杭州市诸暨商会拱墅分会会长汪国璋也马上与赵家镇派出所取得了联系,通过诸暨、杭州两地派出所的对接,老人的身份全部弄清了。9月21日下午3点多,良云大爷回到了赵家镇上京村的家中,身体无恙,平安健康。相关的主题文章: