Shenyang police arrested 5 kidnapped suspects to rescue a hostage-stand by me shinee

Shenyang police arrested 5 suspects kidnapped rescued a hostage – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Shenyang August 30th – (reporter Peng Zhuo) reporter from the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Bureau recently arrested 5 suspected of kidnapping suspects, successfully rescued the hostages, seized control of the tool and other tools of crime. According to reports, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau received Inner Mongolia Ulanhot City Public Security Bureau Investigation 28 bulletin said, the 28 day at 13:20 PM, a district of Ulanhot City, occurred kidnapping victim Moumou 5 suspects a knife, and was kidnapped hostage on a blue car, fleeing to Shenyang. Inner Mongolia police received a xiechatongbao, Shenyang City Public Security Bureau immediately to the north, Shen Yu, Faku and Kangping police stations and temporary plugging point card issued to block the control instruction. Shen North Branch received a PUC command, specially deployed Interpol battalion Patrol Police Brigade police reinforcements North police station, and the establishment of a temporary blocking group, at the sudden maneuver group, group of 3 working group, organizing the interception and capture. On the same day at 20:30 PM, the suspect vehicle into Shen Kang high-speed intersection inspection area and try to speed up by Shen North Branch of the scene quickly using groups of police roadblocks to intercept, the road will be closed, instantly forced to stop the suspect vehicle. The police will Moumou, Moumou, Moumou and other related business car Xin 5 suspects arrested, the hostages were rescued, the police in the suspect vehicle seized two knives and sticks and other tools of crime. Tushen, 5 suspects confessed initially because of debt disputes, hire a car to Inner Mongolia and Ulanhot, by means of violence will Moumou back to Shenyang hostage crimes. Currently, the case and 5 suspects have been handed over to the local public security organs, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: