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Shenzhen started the history of the most stringent real estate special rectification – Anhui channel — original title: Shenzhen launched the "history of the most stringent real estate special rectification report from our correspondent (reporter Zhu Kaiyun) in the second city property market continued high temperatures under the condition of the country have introduced the property market tightening policy. The day before yesterday, the general office of the Fuzhou Municipal People’s government issued the "Fuzhou City real estate market notice to further promote the stable and healthy development of a number of opinions". In the commercial housing price management, the Fuzhou municipal government for the same batch of listings of all the publicity should be a one-time sales price, and specify the same type of housing prices, the next batch or not more than a 10%. BYD reporters yesterday from the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Commission was informed that the Commission has to Management Bureau of Shenzhen City District, issued by the institutions directly under the "on the real estate market special rectification work notice", special inspection operations requiring the Department of land planning, land planning and supervision departments on enterprises, agencies in Shenzhen city housing real estate, illegal behavior of masses of complaints or reports of the real estate business investigation. It is understood that the real estate market special rectification actions covering a wide range of content, strong crackdown, called the history of the most. Nanjing housing provident fund management center yesterday issued a "moratorium on accepting bank loans for commercial revolution" document clearly pointed out that since October 1, 2016, suspended the revolution business loans for. Business loans for every revolution of September 30th 24 after the entry system should no longer approve. This means that the implementation of more than a year in the Nanjing revolution business loans policy end. (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: