Shenzhen village apple 7 old apple flowers can be changed to 7 by hundreds of

Shenzhen is now the copycat Apple 7: the old apple spent hundreds of yuan can be changed to 7 according to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" reported on September 21st, the Shenzhen electronic products distribution center Huaqiang North Road by this trend, the emergence of iPhone 7 "industrial chain", which not only has high imitation iPhone 7 sale, also has to change the shell service, iPhone 6 as iPhone 7. more shocking is that dealers selling fake iPhone 7 boxes, and even iPhone 7 model. Copycat iPhone 7 double mirror mirror can only use Chinese electronic First Street Title Shenzhen Huaqiang North mall, iPhone has built 7 copycat, and catch the sale in the real price of only 700 yuan before the debut, only about 17 yuan, the real thing, and the color is complete, equipped with a 5.5 inch screen, USB Type-C claimed a compatible headset jack 7, even iPhone Plus flagship dual lens design with imitation ability let the industry feel surprised. "Copycat" of almost the real thing, not just Apple LOGO. but only after testing, will find that mobile phone use is the Android system, and changed the concept of iPhone integrated, to open the shell to replace the battery. And the double lens of the Shanzhai machine, in fact, only one can be used normally, the other is just a deceptive ornament. Model iPhone 7 industry refers to must be to lie in copycat machine, Taiwan "when the electronic newspaper" reported that, Huaqiang North business to catch the apple Gaiji boom, also introduce shedding modification services, as long as the guests will iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to spend hundreds of yuan can be converted into iPhone 7, but the change just another case, two mirror fitted out is of no use. In addition, Huaqiang North mall, as traders selling every kind of iPhone 7 model and false machine box. The appearance of similar weight and real machine model iPhone 7 sold 100 yuan, can simulate the boot to sell 950 yuan. Insiders pointed out that the sole purpose of these models is used to a serious machine sold, known to have inadvertently caught in the trap of consumers, bought the iPhone 7 model 7. iPhone seriously

深圳现山寨苹果7:旧苹果花数百元就可改成7据香港《经济日报》9月21日报道,深圳电子产品集散地华强北路借着这股热潮,出现了iPhone 7“产业链”,当中不仅有高仿iPhone 7出售,也有改壳服务,把iPhone 6装扮成iPhone 7.更雷人的是竟有贩子出售假iPhone 7盒、甚至iPhone 7模型。山寨iPhone 7双镜只有一镜能用有中国电子第一街称号的深圳华强北商城,山寨iPhone 7早已打造完成,并赶在真货登场前发售,售价仅700元人民币,只是真货的1 7左右,且配色齐全,配备5.5寸屏幕,声称兼容耳机的USB Type-C插口,连iPhone 7 Plus主打的双镜头设计都具备,仿制能力让业界都感到诧异。“山寨”程度几可乱真,只是没有苹果LOGO.但只经测试,会发现手机用的是Android系统,且一改iPhone一体成形的概念,要自行开壳更换电池。而山寨机的双镜头,其实只有一个能正常使用,另一个镜头只是骗人的装饰品。模型iPhone 7业者指肯定是用来骗人除了山寨机外,台湾《中时电子报》的报道指,华强北商家为赶苹果改机热潮,也推出换壳改装服务,只要客人将iPhone 6及iPhone 6 Plus带去,花数百元就可改装成iPhone 7,但改机只是换个机壳而已,装出来的双镜是没有用的。此外,华强北商场,竟有贩商兜售各式各样的iPhone 7模型和假机盒。其中外观与重量与真机相似的iPhone 7模型卖100元,能模拟开机的卖950元。知情者指出,这些模型的唯一用途是用来骗人,当真机出售,据知确有消费者一时大意中招,在黑店买了iPhone 7模型当真iPhone 7.相关的主题文章: