Shijiazhuang acres of farmland was occupied villagers is crippled after abandoning the wilderness (F-3u8895

Shijiazhuang acres of farmland was occupied villagers is crippled after abandoning the wilderness (Figure) – Sohu news Hongyi stone behind the weeds can still see the shovel after broken roof. Wang Tianyi taken an inscription in Shi Hongyi for "North Xima village Party branch" of the "notice" reporter saw, "according to the work zone government and Party committee Xi Ma Zhen town government to speed up the progress of the project by the spirit of the instructions, I decided to study the village Party branch, is scheduled for March 16, 2016 to March 26, 2016 for the land expropriated farmers time to sign the agreement." Shi Hongyi said that before this, he had never seen the village posted a notice of land, did not find specific policies and regulations relating to land acquisition. According to Shi Hongyi’s "annotation of the right to land contractual management" in the book, the reporter came to the scene to see, here is a mess, mound overgrown with weeds. In accordance with the "land contract management letter" in the agreement, the contract period for the land of stone to 2029. Shi Hongyi said, his shed was levelled after a few months of being piled up construction waste, is unrecognizable. Only the loss of its greenhouses has more than one million yuan, more importantly, the family’s economic income is not, until now, no one and I talked about the compensation." North Macun villagers also staged the tragedy of qie. Just a few months ago, the villagers Xu Feng nearly 7 acres of arable land was also leveled at night, planted nearly a decade of walnut seedlings did not exist. Xu Feng said that before the incident, there have been three or four "a ruffian" man in the middle of the night to his home, but because of his physical disability, unable to walk normally, those people of he just went away after a threat. Today, he did not know who destroyed his land, and no one talked to him about compensation. The number of landless villagers told reporters that in addition to a piece of paper in the village, they have never seen any relevant documents and notices of the land expropriation. It is confirmed that the villagers, 8 afternoon, the reporter called Xi Ma Zhen mayor Wang Yijun phone, about Shi Hongyi was beaten, greenhouse demolitions incident, Wang Yijun said "I have to know, when a reporter asked about the land requisition, approval procedures, Wang Yijun said:" after a few seconds of silence you back again well, I still have things to do, okay." Then hung up the phone. Reporters then call the Party Secretary Xi Ma Zhen Qing phone has no answer, no reply message. 18 morning, reporters once again with Wang Yijun and Anqing, did not get a reply. Reporters learned from the Shijiazhuang hi tech Zone Land Resources Bureau, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the high tech Zone, all land acquisition matters will be publicized on the official website of the high-tech zone. However, the reporter in the high tech Zone on the official website of the 2016 high tech Zone land acquisition announcement, were not found with the farmland related documents notice.相关的主题文章: