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Sina view: Li Shishi Samsung Cup suspense Li Shishi back against seemingly impossible odds against seemingly impossible odds sina sports twenty-first Samsung Cup semi-final second game on November 1st in Korea Guoru city continues, the defending champion kija white middle enemy Li Shishi, the two sides battle into 1 to 1 level, the South Korean chess around the "last barrier" stubborn against the ravages of time. The other semi-final, Fan Yunruo wins the white disc also tie the score, the girder fine light, Samsung Cup finalists in suspense. The first semi-final kija successfully win against Li Shishi, the score 9 to 2 basic, sweeping away the last vestiges of China chess doubts — this "bullying" Chinese generations of players "Crazy Stone" now is not really kija opponent, second face white Ke Jie, Li Shishi the Sheng Wang is very little. Even the Korean chess to stone back no longer have high expectations, "lamented the outcome has been issued by the end". Li Shishi entered the stadium this scene Chinese senior fans how familiar! Just stand upside down. The former Cao Xunxuan, Li Changgao, Li Shishi, South Korea the generations of King Chinese let top master who have suffered pain, today, Chinese young players swept away the haze, the chess a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, vicissitudes of life, is difficult in themselves. China and South Korea than the predecessors of the grievances of players, kija suppression of Li Shishi more thoroughly. Cao Xunxuan and Nie Weiping to create a new pattern of contemporary Chinese chess epic fight in the first ing cup, 2 to 3 defeat of the old year Nie still Fujitsu Cup semi-final draw city. Subsequently, the old Cao confrontation in South Korea Toyo securities cup, cup, Asian Cup tournament, Jinro Kuaiqi and other events in a row Nie sixth, become the biggest bitter old occupation career hand nie. But this did not give up his old Nie, in third, the four session of the China ROK tournament, the Asian Cup Kuaiqi on even after the three inning, the two clash race record of 6 to 9, not everyone thinks that the old Nie Feng Cao "will be lost". What was Chinese and two times Toyo securities Cup semi-final win against Laocao, total score as Ma Xiaochun, and the world series of two matches of the Liu Xiaoguang old cao. It should be said that Cao Xunxuan to go China compression is more reflected in his victory at the crucial moment, this is the South Korean chess missed winning division temperament". Li Changgao turned out to be a nightmare, China top master, the most suffering is Ma Xiaochun, Chang Hao. But Lee long years of 11 year old Ma Xiaochun, in the early two met in the Fujitsu cup cup, Jinro carefree victory, even if the Toyo securities Cup final 1 to 3 loss, also Chunlan cup and Samsung Cup final victory over fierce battle to the fifth Bureau, had 2 more than 1 jagged war midway leading cases. Li Changgao and Chang Hao in the early age, against two in a losing streak, the four China Tianyuan tournament and Fujitsu Cup finals, should the cup finals in succession after losing the 2 record too horrible to look at more than 14, two points are also included in the failure of chess, there is no practical significance. But in the fourth should the cup finals defeat that year, Chang Hao in the Samsung Cup semi-final on 2 to 1 over the stone horn blew back. Then he in the Samsung Cup and Chunlan Cup final for the two time zero closure)相关的主题文章: