Sino US joint venture Zhuhai airshow light multi-purpose aircraft orders – Beijing-8l9840

Sino US joint venture light multi-purpose aircraft airshow in Zhuhai by the new agency in the new network in order – November 1 Zhuhai Xinhua (reporter Zhou Yin) caiga North China Aircraft Industrial Company (hereinafter referred to as "caiga North China company) held in Zhuhai in November 1st eleventh Chinese International Aerospace Exhibition, and Fuyuan leasing (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Yu Xiang Sheng Tai aviation industry development Limited signed 50 frame hawk 500 aircraft purchase agreement. According to the agreement, 50 Kitty Hawk 500 aircraft will be within two years after delivery of Fuyuan leasing, Fuyuan leasing will become the largest domestic small general aviation aircraft fleet. Reporters from the aircraft flying through the North China company was informed that, as of now, the 500 aircraft have been delivered more than 80 aircraft users. The aircraft is the first in strict accordance with the Ministry of civil aviation of China CCAR-23 design and production, with independent intellectual property rights of 4 to 5 light multi-purpose aircraft. After several years of continuous improvement, the 500 aircraft operating performance, comfort, safety, economy and reliability have been greatly improved. The modified 500 aircraft to complete the surveying and mapping, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, emergency infrastructure inspections, power line patrol, coastal zone monitoring, wind turbine blades, examine the disaster site monitoring and mapping, polar expedition, glacier monitoring, 3D modeling of digital city, electronic entertainment and game development project mission. Caiga North China Ltd. is a general aircraft belonging to the Chinese Aviation Industry Corp to fly through the plate of the host plant, the manufacture of Kitty Hawk 500 aircraft has a certain scale in the domestic market. Fuyuan leasing by China Global Investment Management Group Limited company and Ge Corp in the United States set up a joint venture, engaged in aircraft leasing business. At present, Fuyuan leasing has carried out a number of aircraft leasing business cooperation with Guangxi Golden Eagle Aviation, Guangxi Beibu Gulf airlines and Hebei Airlines aircraft navigation etc.. Yu Xiang Sheng Tai is training pilots, maintenance personnel, dispatchers and other multi-level aviation professional talents of the company. (end)相关的主题文章: