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Site guard was killed suddenly Changzhou police 10 hours to capture the murder suspect Yangzi Evening News Network October 29th news (reporter correspondent Jing Xuan Zhang Bin) at noon today, the reporter from the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, October 28th morning 10 am, Weitang street a high-tech zone in the construction site of the guard was killed. Receiving the alarm, Changzhou police immediately launched the synthetic investigation mechanism, in the case of murder suspect arrested within ten hours. According to the police, 28 on the morning of 10 pm, high tech Zone Branch Wei Tang reported, the area of a guard was injured in the construction site. Alarming police arrived at the scene found that the site 59 year old guard Zhu has died in the guard room. Guard is Taizhou, Jiangyan, the police preliminary investigation, Zhu Department of homicide! Changzhou City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment, hi tech Zone Branch, network security and other departments to form a task force to carry out detective. After the video investigation and visit Mopai, task force within 3 hours to determine the suspect. After investigation, the 46 year old Anhui Zhang Lujiang major crime suspects. It is understood that Zhang is about 170 cm tall, tall, bald hair before, walking away lame, wearing a black suit, black trousers. The police for the first time, in the network forum, WeChat, micro-blog, offering a reward of 50 thousand yuan hyde. Then the police for further investigation, found that the suspect has fled to Taizhou Taixing city site. That night, the arresting team in cooperation with the police in Taizhou, at the site in the shed and arrested the suspect Zhang, this time from the incident in less than 10 hours. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: