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Sixty aunt was the wild boar attacks multiple body injury accident frequency boar ye break – Sohu news was bitten by a wild boar that boar hemeimei sprang from here after a few days ago a 200 pound wild boar jumped in a district of Wuhan City, has injured 3 people after 3 days, Yongshan County, Zhaotong City Hing town the wild boar happen again wounding: a local woman in sixty walking near the door, was suddenly attacked from a wild boar sprang to roadside crops in the multiple body was bitten, but fortunately there is no danger. The woman was hit on 3 wild boar attacks around 6:50, who lives in Yongshan County town of Walnut Village street a Daxing agency 66 year old peasant woman hemeimei go out alone, ready to go far away from the village of Yang home door string. After walking for 10 minutes, a wild boar suddenly emerged from the side of the field, roaring towards her…… Seeing this, hemeimei hurried back to avoid, but the left and right foot, thighs and waist was bitten on the spot, collapsed on the ground. Fortunately, just near the villagers saw this scene, immediately on the copy guy, quickly put away the wild boar. Subsequently, the Walnut Village security officer quickly organized other villagers, and so he will be sent to Walnut Village Health clinics. After preliminary examination, the injured are skin trauma, no life-threatening. The same day, the Daxing police station via SMS, QQ, radio, etc., issued a warning to the Walnut Village and nearby villagers: there are wild boar and even the hurt, we must be vigilant, especially in Caution!, go out to work more to pay attention to the prevention of boar attacks. Worried many wild boar accident in recent years, with the conversion of cropland to forest and natural forest protection, prohibit hunting and other projects or activities developing, people’s environmental consciousness, the ecological environment of Yongshan County, many mountain is better, the wild animal also increases, which in itself is a good thing. However, in the Yongshan County town, Daxing Town, Qing Sheng Xiang code, sand Township, town of unity, Maolin town and other places in the mountains, wild boar is increasing, the destruction of crops, destruction of property from time to time even struck. In May 27th this year in the morning, in order to prevent the ground in their own crops from wild boar eating or destruction, Yongshan code Macun Kou Zhen Yu 75 year old man Lumou without a power supply is switched on in the crops around the grid, did not expect the final innocent: at 16 pm the same day, the village 45 year old villager Lu Moumou cattle through here unfortunately, even with the cattle died of electric shock. After the case, Lumou suspicion of endangering public security by dangerous means, was detained by the local public security organs according to law. The worry is that, in addition to the area of Yongshan County, in the mountains of Yiliang, mark, Zhaotong Yanjin, Zhenxiong County, wild boar accident events are not uncommon, many people also because of injury to poverty tolls. Cope with the concentration of wild boar remediation 3 afternoon, the reporter learned that in March 16th of this year, the Zhaotong Municipal Forestry Bureau for the area of the masses of the problem caused by wild boar, research and development programs. By the Forest Public Security Bureau of Zhaotong city and 11 County Forest Public Security Bureau coordinated the establishment of remediation work of the emergency team harm of wild boar, wild boar and other wild animal protection related development road相关的主题文章: