Smart city landscape lighting more green

"Smart city" to make landscape lighting more green, the current domestic urban landscape lighting, has experienced more than thirty years of exploration, exploration and development, has gradually entered a healthy, reasonable and scientific track. Urban landscape lighting is a perfect combination of lighting and artistic creativity, it can be said that the crystallization of science and art. At the same time, the city landscape lighting is a night scene of the city culture, city night landscape in art creation, light like the painter’s pen, how to vividly depict the city night environment exquisite picture, the city soul deeply portrayed, need to continue in-depth discussion and exchange. What is landscape lighting? Landscape lighting refers to both the lighting function, but also the Art Deco and beautify the environment of outdoor lighting engineering. Landscape lighting is usually covering a wide range of industries, overall planning thinking, at the same time the key nodes, such as small focus lighting and building individual. Therefore, various lighting methods, the choice of lighting is also complex, the overall capacity of the lighting designer requirements. ?? The general landscape lighting objects including buildings, roads, bridges, squares, airports, railway stations, docks, parks, rivers, water, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, commercial street and advertising signs and city municipal facilities, its purpose is to use the light illumination of the object to reshape the landscape, and organically combined into a night scene a harmonious, beautiful and spectacular characteristic, in order to show a city or region image of the night. With the rapid development of modern cities, landscape lighting and lighting advertising and other lighting facilities have been greatly developed. In the city appearance, enhance the image at the same time, also appeared a waste of energy and light pollution problems, need a set of professional landscape lighting intelligent monitoring system to achieve the beautiful city image promotion, in order to save energy resources and reduce light pollution. Since the concept of "smart city" has been put forward, the new generation of information technology, which is characterized by intelligence, has been gradually applied in the fields of transportation, energy, urban green development and so on. At present, a large number of lighting facilities, lighting control requirements more complex, only through the intelligent control system to achieve fine management of urban lighting, environmental protection is also more convenient. Smart lighting as an important part of "smart city", it is the application of power line carrier technology city sensor network, link city road lamp, the formation of the "Internet of things", and for the processing and analysis of massive information perception using computational information processing technology, make intelligent response and intelligent decision support for various needs including the people’s livelihood, environment, public safety, the city life lighting to achieve "wisdom" and "green" state. Further improve the lighting regulations, urban road lighting and urban landscape lighting industry has achieved rapid development, its market size will also be further expanded on the existing basis. As a complex lighting system engineering, urban landscape lighting facilities should be consistent with certain control standards, some of the city’s local regulations have also been introduced. June, the Nanjing municipal government issued the "Nanjing urban lighting management approach" (hereinafter referred to as "approach).相关的主题文章: