Snow Township in China unique snow here

you really don’t say, the snow village in the area, is out of the ordinary. If I didn’t go there myself, I didn’t feel that strong.

many years ago, the pictures of snow and red lanterns on the snow covered wooden houses on the Internet were printed in my mind. But always, always find all kinds of reasons to shirk, year after year did not go into, this is like car and lose weight, into two major mishap current. Then gradually, snow Township broke a lot of negative news, the more reason not to go.

recently, but because of the relationship between friends, the new year’s day went to the snow Township, spent three days. These three days almost blue sky during the day, snow in the evening, and Beijing led a number of places in the country, is in a serious haze. These three days, I also snow Township also has a new understanding, I was in Harbin, but never seen such a beautiful, negative reports about snow Township, also saw a lot of new sight.

why snow township is unique?

comes from the sea of Japan and the flow of cold air from the Lake Baikal, Russia, in the Shuangfeng forest farm, that is, the later snow township. In fact, the location of snow Township in Jilin Province, but belongs to the Hailin Forestry Bureau of Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang, the other is the most convenient traffic to the snow Township, so we say that Heilongjiang snow township. The result of the collision between the warm air and the cold air is that it keeps snowing. In fact, the temperature is not high during the winter snow, only twenty degrees below zero at night. Even if the sun has changed a lot of snow, the snow will soon fall again. We stayed for two nights, second night in the snow, it is back to Harbin, we are also worried about the large snowflakes, will not block on the road.

snow Township

interesting is that, even in the snow Township, the snow is also different, in a charge of attractions, fantasy Park, here is the intersection of the center, the largest snow. So close the door to close the tickets, set up a lot of pillars, pillars on the tray filled with snow, known as the "snow mushroom", the number of mushrooms up to here. Another slightly a little place, a place where we also recommend the woods cottage, here is free, the layout is also good, but it is not a natural disadvantage intersection form not so much "snow mushroom". Many people recommend cottage grove, that is never asking price, national leaders to visit or live in his home. However, it is also very popular, at least 15 days to book.

we arrived at the village of snow is more than 7 o’clock in the evening, the winter of Heilongjiang 4 o’clock began to black, so even if more than 7 points late. My first impression is that a row of red lanterns against the background of a small house, and was marked with a red snow, forming a film, or imagined that the impression of the Northeast farmers, rows of neat;