Softbank robot to find work in the United States welcome, liquor, guide shadou dry


Pepper humanoid robot

Softbank group to find the first job in the United States: welcome, liquor, no way, it won’t do.

over the past two weeks, Oakland International Airport, the Pyramid bar has been in use Pepper as their hostess, beer and menu salesman. In addition, the little guy is also to pass and need help to provide guidance services.

Pepper work in the United States is also included, as the clerk in a mall near San Francisco, which is Pepper to Softbank will first step American consumers.

Pepper attract airport passengers stop

at the airport, Pepper successfully attracted a large number of people, although the environment for its voice recognition capabilities have brought great challenges. As soon as the curious passengers approached and tried to talk to the 4 – inch – tall, white creature, the others quickly gathered. Within three hours, Pepper attracted about 20 people to stop, they listen to her, and tried to shake hands and take pictures.

staff shouted Pepper get up to work

in order to have a lasting effect, this "wheel" computer must use their large eyes, movement, flashing lights and installed in the chest touch screen to complete the work, and not just casual curiosity aroused.

‘s engineers say they are learning from the experience of Pepper in the initial deployment. They are studying the interaction between airport users and Pepper, and assess the expectations of the robot. In order to avoid just a trend, the Pepper’s function to answer the questions with the right information must be further improved and expanded. Softbank said, they are the efforts.