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the time "knot", is the human beings have the time to resist, so this time the earth in the universe hundreds of millions of years, but the extraordinary rotation, has a different meaning.

only so, tomorrow, is new.

only so, yesterday, only more precious.

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2016 and Sohu healthy walk friends, thank you for the practice of thinking, far sighted and unremitting efforts, profound knowledge, not hungry, the concept of health and service to more people.


Dai rock: Americans do not do physical examination

New Year’s new weather, physical examination to help us understand their state of the body, to better develop plans to meet the challenges. We each have a medical examination, but in fact we do not necessarily know how to better physical examination. A guest in the San Francisco Bay Area Medical Center of Kaiser UFH group engaged in clinical work for more than ten years of senior general practitioner Dr. Dai Yan Sohu broadcast, to introduce users, in the United States, general practitioner is to help guide patients with physical examination and disease prevention……

three month

Zhou Wei: 90% pneumonia in children without infusion therapy

after the Spring Festival, cold. Temperature is constantly changing, the children suffer. Darling cold coughs, do not get pneumonia? It is often said that the treatment of transfusion is good, is it true? Also heard that infusion is not good for the body, in the end the child can infusion? Sohu health studio filled with worried parents.

of Peking University International Hospital deputy chief physician, No.3 Hospital of Peking University pediatric clinical drug test professional responsible person, responsible for respiratory physician Zhou Wei sure tell you 90% of the children with pneumonia without infusion therapy……

: Yuke Bao baby hernia can not own long?

children hernia incidence rate is ten times of adult hernia, and it is also the most common birth defects, premature infants with a higher incidence, and some patients with genital malformation, so many parents very worried. What are the children prone to colic? How to find a hernia? Must surgical treatment? Will it be easy to relapse after surgery? A group of hernia surgery doctor chief expert Bao Yuke doctor visit Sohu health, he told friends, "on the premise of the baby hernia meets the above conditions under the situation, can wait for the best hand surgery in children;