Some people say that Beckham and his wife only collect love related works of Art rainlendar

Some people say that Beckham and his wife only collection of "love" related works of art you think that the relationship between Beckham and art is only a variety of tattoos? Just from the music into a posh fashion design? NO NO NO! You think it’s too simple! From music to sports, to fashion and business, Mrs. Beckham is "summon wind and call for rain" type of figure. You may not know, however, that the two have an important place in the arts. As early as more than a decade ago, they began to collect art, is now an important facilitator of the London art circle. In 2010, an insider told the daily mirror like Description: "David · Beckham was an important patron of the British avant-garde art. In addition to the purchase of the art world’s most important and most famous artists, he also collected a lot of Dujuhuiyan, still in the early stages of the creation of artists." Fashion photographer Steven Klein shot the couple Beckham and it is said that their favorite works have a common theme, that is "love" dameon · Hearst, Kusama Yayoi, Tracy · Tracey Emin… Now let’s look at the artists who are favored by the couple (in alphabetical order yo ~ 1), dameon · Hearst Damien Damien Hirst en · en · Damien; Hearst; one of the most important contemporary British artist Hearst, though controversial, but there are very many fans and supporters of Beckham, the couple also in them. In 2014, in order to give his daughter to seven Harper · Beckham birthday, David Ho throw 600 thousand pounds from Hearst where a custom called "father daughter" painting. Damien · Hearst Damien Hirst Daddy s Girl "- a huge piece of canvas with pink heart-shaped tone, it can see the Hirst representative image of the butterfly. The color is small seven love pink ~ "father daughter" is currently being placed on a couple of Beckham West London mansion with seven ~ ~ workers are carrying a huge piece of 2 paintings, Kusama Yayoi Kusama Yayoi Kusama Kusama this summer, London Victoria Miro Gallery exhibition exhibition of Japanese wave queen Kusama pumpkin sea. Posh Vitoria not only came to the exhibition site, more video upload instagram harvest praise is. Vitoria shooting a small video screenshot of the video she stood in a pumpkin sea seems to be in the fashion shoot. In addition, the spice girls especially @ Gallery two director Glenn Scott Wright and Jane Suitor to express their thanks to the work. The pumpkin is a classic image in the creation of the grass in the garden. You want to ask a houseful of South.相关的主题文章: