Someone poisoned A district of Baoding in 7 days more than and 10 dogs have died

Someone poisoned? A district of Baoding in 7 days more than and 10 dogs have died

recently, who lives in the urban district leaves users @ scared M Tang Xiao "to reflect the evening news reporter, her pet dog does not know what to eat, go home soon after dying, she suspects in the area near the park of poison.  

users @ scared M Tang Xiao "where it?

Why does

have this doubt?

The original

, from the beginning of January 5, 2017, less than five days, the district has nearly more than and 10 dogs died of suspected poisoning.

people often say that dogs are friends of human beings, is the most intelligent animal, we walk in the street to see the dog often wearing little clothes, shoes, nestled in the master side, but now appear in the photos of the dog on a few days ago due to the ingestion of small food scattered on the lawn after the dead dog master sad.

the evening of January 5, 2017 about 11:30, the dog poison diarrhea, mad died second days after death with the small dog heard the news, vomit is a kind of ham sausage food, five days after the area in different time dead pet dog has been ten, it gathered a lost pet owners alarm.

within five days of nearly 10 degrees small dog died after

this exactly what hidden reason behind?

users @ M Xiao Tang scared "there is no reason to doubt?

evening news reporter went to the district survey


lawn playing back home after the death of

black M afraid of Tang Xiao told reporters, "there is a lawn area, and fitness equipment, the elderly, children often in the vicinity of the rest, everybody here has become a favorite place to walk the dog. January 5th at 9 pm, "scared M Tang Xiao" with their white "beauty" to stroll in the district for half an hour. "After coming home, the dog is fairly normal, but at about 11:30 that night, I heard a dog barking, see it squatted mat is full of foam, the dog around the sofa in the living room, twitching. finally killed by a head in the washing machine."

after another two days, the district where the pet dog deaths occurred. 6 in the morning, "if black M Tang Xiao" ready to bury their own dog, suddenly found two areas in close neighbors also buried in the dog, "they said, and 5 in the evening at the onset of the disease, symptoms and my dogs are kept vomiting and cramps, not for a while he died". "Black M Xiao Tang said that if" they never fed a sausage in vomit her dog, "I smell a sour taste."

neighbor suspected sausage poison