Song Hye Kyo, Joe Chen, frozen age goddess will use these six types of skin care products segotep

Song Hye Kyo Joe Chen A Jiao will freeze the age of goddess with these six types of skin care products like these lead: actress, to the age of 30+ was a girl full of sense of skin care, it must do! In autumn and winter, it is a good skin anti-aging tonic season. (source: posters fashion network) 35 year old Song Hye Kyo now still looks like "Autumn in My Heart" the way Song Hye Kyo’s private photos of 35 year old Song Hye Kyo still looks like "Autumn in My Heart" which looks like now, but because of years of experience to bring the sense of maturity, the skin condition is still 18. So, for a long time, everyone will lament "watching TV are old, but the TV is still young, do not ask people do not envy. Zhongxin Tong Zhongxin Tong private photos about frozen old goddess, in addition to Joe’s sister, my home and also be too numerous to enumerate. Such as this one in the entertainment circle seldom recognized makeup than with makeup is the goddess of beauty — Zhongxin tong! After more than and 10 years, Joe’s sister and the same year, after decades of skin condition. To be fair, you think A Jiao seals and Yan skin or better than Joe Meilve. Bai Baihe Bai Baihe’s debut film "passing from your world" conference as the originator of the mainland chick movie, Bai Baihe is definitely the Tammy goddess. At the age of 32, who also is a green hand silly white sweet, adorable duzui sell everything shoudaoqinlai, the key is a little sense of violation and no! This is the anti aging done well, so that the skin does not have the slightest sense of age! Joe Chen: "we’re here." Joe Chen saw these pictures of Joe Chen. Can you believe she’s 37 years old? Tell no one, no matter how you look at it, she is a girl full of sense, full of vitality, no wonder play silly white Tianlai did not make people feel molimen, sweet girl who will not love? Want to be like these actresses, to the age of 30+ or a girl full of skin care this thing must be done! In autumn and winter, it is a good skin anti-aging tonic season. However, the winter temperature is low, the air is dry, is not conducive to the absorption of the product, so in order to achieve better results, the product to be used in a comprehensive, but also to take the clever. The following 6 kinds of skin care products is skin tonic in winter you absolutely cannot little. One can mix the essence of the essence of the effects are relatively specific, so I want to achieve a comprehensive anti-aging and moisturizing effect, mix the essence is the best method. But also to have the skills mix essence. 1. Whitening anti-aging cream and try not to use at the same time, essence of the two kinds of components may mix, mutual reaction, stimulate the skin, cause skin redness, dry. 2. Moisturizing essence can mix with most essence, but to finally use moisturizing cream. Because the main component of moisturizing essence of molecular weight are larger, they have strong sealing film, can smear before the maintenance of effective components and the skin in water firmly, so the first words will stop other essence absorption. 3. In the application of each essence between the 1-3 minutes to set aside the buffer time to do so.相关的主题文章: