Space travelers Trailer first deep love encounter signs of danger appearing everywhere (video)

"Space travelers" Trailer first deep love encounter signs of danger appearing everywhere Star Jazz Chris · parattah and big cousin Jennifer · starring Laurence "Jim and Aurora" space tourist investigation in "Alongwa spacecraft" in "space" passengers first notice fault cousin xingjue deep love entertainment Tencent "imitation the game" director Teng Tai Mo · Du Mu’s "star Prince" Chris · parattah and big cousin Oscar winner Jennifer · starring Laurence’s annual science fiction adventure "Passengers" (tentative translation of "space travelers", the same below) of today’s global synchronization starting notice and the latest stills. Are the two main characters of interstellar travel during the long journey to fall in love, but a fatal accident unexpected but let the whole ship "Avalon spacecraft" panic. The disaster scene makes a sudden turn for the worse in deep space as the acme of perfection, the crisis is imminent, two people just germination love is about to undergo the test of life and death. Just two and a half trailer climax, the Hollywood science fiction, action, adventure, love and other elements include a space, brilliant. Star Jazz "big cousin" in deep space spacecraft accident caused by the desperate crisis "is mainly about" space travelers in a human space migration occurs in the process of adventure stories. In the distant future, Jim Preston (Chris · parattah ornaments) and Aurora (Jennifer · Laurence) a planet in "Avalon" spacecraft carrying thousands of passengers to the depths of space to start a new life. However, the accident is that two people arrived at the destination as early as 90 years, and can not continue to hibernate. In Jim and Aurora tried to unlock the mystery behind the accident woke up, two lonely people began to fall in love. But with the announcement of the story unfolds, the two men found that the problem will not be so simple. "There’s a problem with the spacecraft." From the tone of Pratt’s view, the two found a potential crisis in the spacecraft. The non-stop flash loss, air impact and so on the screen very sense of crisis, still two people on more anxious look for the deep space crisis took a bit uneasy atmosphere. While the spaceship straight at the sun suspected picture is desperate, the engine goes out in a moment, the spaceship ablaze, thousands of passengers on the verge of death or destruction, tensions imminent abnormal thrilling. Shoulder to save the lives of two people all the passengers had to regroup, attempting to board the extravehicular work together to resolve this problem, deep crisis. Avalon spacecraft show the visual spectacle of the romantic epic thrilling this teasers not only show the deep space in the spectacular tectonic fragment signs of danger appearing everywhere, Avalon spacecraft is the first exposure. The spiral hull structure has a great sense of future, and the huge and precise structure can be called visual spectacle. It is worth mentioning that the parattah and Laurence staged in this space juelian very suction eye. Two people in the boundless space from a friend, acquaintance to date, kiss, rapid development.相关的主题文章: