Spring shoots, summer eat melon, autumn eat fruit, winter eat root, you know the secret

at all temperatures warming from the cold, this season, a bud type vegetables fresh, can promote the development, should conform to the season, eat yellow bean sprouts, bean sprouts, Pea Sprout, leek seedlings of Toona sinensis seedlings, etc..

is the ancients called "seed" the most suitable to eat bean sprouts in spring, winter turned to spring from the five internal organs can help. Moreover, bean sprouts also has the effect of heat, is conducive to the spleen and stomach, liver Qi dredging, alleviate the dry climate caused by "hot spring".

various types of bean sprouts different effects

is easy to digest mung bean sprouts, with Qingrejiedu, diuretic dehumidification effect, suitable for damp heat stagnation, dry mouth, thirst, constipation, urine red hot, red eyes and throat and other food groups;

yellow bean sprouts and invigorating the spleen and liver, the content of vitamin B2 was higher in spring, appropriate to eat bean sprouts can help prevent inflammation of the mouth;

black bean sprouts and kidneys, containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium rich minerals and vitamins, content is higher than that of mung bean sprouts;

of pea bud liver, vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients;

bean sprouts spleen, iron, calcium, zinc and other effects.

summer melon

the summer solstice, slight heat to hot and humid weather, little attention is easy to produce Shushi symptoms. Melons are can qingrehuashi, can help eliminate toxins, and light and delicious, good food is suitable for summer cooling.

melon is rich in minerals and vitamins, can effectively complement the loss of large amounts of water in summer, to help people through sultry days.

different types of melon efficacy

is a Ganliang loofah products, into the lung and liver after two, the summer eat loofah with phlegm, detoxification, heat Chufan, collaterals effect.

is a kind of gourd vegetables can be used as food and medicine, lungs and fluid, cleaning stomach heat, Chufan thirst, detoxify and drain pus, and promoting urination and eliminating swelling characteristics.

watermelon is in the high temperature, humid weather, adequate water content of the fruit, is a good choice for people to sweat too much water.

It is important to note that

is more cool melon, spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency can not eat. ;