Spring woman to the beauty salon after the injection of hyaluronic acid blind right eye left hemiple aquaria

Spring woman to the beauty salon after the injection of hyaluronic acid is blind in the right eye left hemiplegia when it comes to downtown Shan garden, I believe many people in Quanzhou know that this is a more upscale residential district of Quanzhou, there are a lot of villa. But the glossy appearance of the villa in the end what kind of people live, what they do what thing, nobody knows! One day in October, a woman is being pulled into a villa in the Shan garden, however, when she came out, but it is already become unconscious, blind right eye left hemiplegia! What happened in the end? The woman is blind in the right eye left hand numb with the diagnosis that is more than 7 points in a car accident in the evening of October 19th, Huian Ms. Chen suddenly received a phone call, said Sister Xiaoying accident, is a public hospital in Quanzhou city. Ms. Chen and his family rushed to the hospital after burning with impatience, but slowly found that this is not the case, the hidden truth makes them an unbearable. Xiaoying sister Ms. Chen said my sister a traffic accident, people have been in a coma. But ask them what is the license plate, what information, they do not say." Ms. Chen and his family from Huian immediately rush past, who knows but an empty head, the other told her, Xiaoying in critical condition was transferred to the first hospital of Xiamen city. Ms. Chen they rushed to Xiamen, is already more than 11 points that night to see when xiaoying. "When the symptom is the right eye can not see, can not move left, the doctor took the flashlight, the right eye has no light perception. Doctors say more than two hours of vision can not be restored and treatment." Ms. Chen was completely ignorant! Look from the surface, just a little near Xiaoying nose bone bruising, how disease will be so serious? What happened in the end? At that time, Xiaoying has been sent to the ICU, two people and send her to the hospital and hesitated say. The second day, Ms. Chen returned to Quanzhou to report to the traffic police department. "We told the police about my sister’s situation, the traffic police said there was no trauma, the body was not injured, feeling like traffic accidents." The woman is due to injection of hyaluronic acid cerebral embolism caused by Ms. Chen went to the Houzhu border police station, the police retrieved surveillance in hospital emergency when the day is 19 Xiaoying Xiaoying, found that more than four pm and was sent to the hospital, not an accident, but the nose was injected with hyaluronic acid, brain embolism. Two why be quite different facts and sent to hospital Xiaoying said? Who is the two? What is the truth? Reporters call the rescue was out of danger of xiaoying. She said that since last year, she often went to the downtown Huai street called a "Yan Mania" beauty body care. Last October, the manager told Wang Xiaoying, said Shan garden there is a beauty institutions, can help people play hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty. The victim Xiaoying "I started to play, she said, well, she said the original price 6980, price spike as long as 1980. What do you recommend to the Shan Yan mania, she said what relationship? She (Wang) said they are cooperating, they here have customers go there and play hyaluronic acid eyebrows. ")相关的主题文章: