Star fried romance is the norm, get married hype is rogue

Love is a normal star fried, get married is bullying the hype Sina column digital flicker star pa ke the ancients said: time is too fast. The Jane Zhang family’s war like tear forced in yesterday, but it’s been a month. At that time, netizens also worried about the marriage can be held as scheduled, and now the parties have flown to Italy, ready to get married. From this group wedding photos network exposure also caused netizens hot, people feel good happy, but most people have said: the hope that the future can be a function of shielding, shielding off like the star, so that there will be less disputes, network environment will be a lot cleaner. Ah ~ really master in folk, this proposal sounds good. In fact, this group of photos looks very down to earth, it said, marry, is happy children, should be higher than blessing sound waves, but helpless, a girl his own death, the majority of users as white as playing around, the people have their own mistress is not a positive. Let your mother burst out of control, was cheating things, let netizens sympathy to this girl, netizens have broken heart, hope Jane Zhang can clearly see the truth. However. But Jane Zhang back a netizen: This is my family, not yours! In fact, these for passers-by powder, no harm, the most injured or Jane Zhang’s hardcore fans, distressed them three seconds. Finally, staged a three family harmony no picture, it is clap face the crowd, you want to see the tear force, I don’t, even if I was control, I will be happy ~ but when a new album coincided with Jane Zhang’s promotion period, users in a variety of counter period, Jane Zhang don’t forget to promote her new album, which can not make people doubt is the opportunity to hype, the "GIRL" of the title may be with her forever Jane Zhang. In fact, now look into the entertainment industry, the star’s private life is more and more attention on the stars of all kinds of gossip can always meet the Internet users are more or less glimpse of private mentality. The feelings of such a secret thing will naturally be used to relish, of course, you also have a lot of stars will be the marriage hype as a means of Bo eyeball, marriage and divorce and marriage, the front of the current tear. Destroying the image of a good man but for second career "a good man is me, I just had little Yin once Chen is extinct in the image of a good man, keep the first 16 years not to let go, with eat drink to accompany sleep, meet many friends with a beautiful vision in hand is a lifetime. Xu Jing and marriage is subject to thousands of blessings, in the article after the affair, let people believe again can still believe in love, but the good times don’t last long 16 years of love, but arrived in half a year of marriage, "good man" logo was abandoned the original mistress Chen derailed! This let Chen has been all of a sudden deluge of criticism, public opinion to the Chen Chen pushed in the teeth of the storm only after a short, silent two months began to test the water back, magic derailed after Chen he inexplicably ushered in the second career. Different with the article, Chen Hyuk as)相关的主题文章: