Star of the sea William Feng is now a beautiful flower first exposure giant shark tail entertainment

"Star of the sea" William Feng is now a beautiful flower first exposure giant shark tail – Sohu William Feng Bea Hayden entertainment romantic bubble (click to watch high-definition photos) played by Bea Hayden Shen Luo William Feng as Wu Julan Sohu entertainment news by Dream Star Park students produced film, adapted from the novel, China Tong, William Feng, Bea Hayden starred in the TV drama "the romantic fairy tale the stars of the sea" Trailer first exposure. In the picture there is no complicated high-rise buildings, there is no heavy traffic congestion, minimalist quiet, fairy tale feeling new style to recover the original simplicity of creating modern metropolis TV series. The new quiet style close to the natural recover the original simplicity suction eye the exposure of the first trailer romantic, vast island scenery and fresh Island cottage aspirational. William Feng and Bea Hayden CP full sense, coupled with innate art fan children, a fresh, sweet breeze blowing.     trailers, William Feng love Bea Hayden: "the sea is mine, and I am your", this word can reveal the shark King domineering and Chongni, Bea Hayden to marry as a loving response. It is reported that all the island scenery and underwater scenery the film displays all real shooting, no special blessing. Fresh and quiet natural style seize the current city the star ready to want to flee North Canton, pastoral seclusion and integrate into the natural heart. From the content to the screen, make the current aesthetic fatigue of the viewers themselves, also revealed that the producers Dream Star Park students make a fickle environment recover the original simplicity works in the heart. The subject matter of concern of traditional culture and the shark blossoms glory to start in April this year, has been low-key mystery "the starry sky of the sea" was finally exposed tip of the iceberg, Wu Julan finally form a flower shark a full sense of the power. Male shark is still in the film and television works for the first time, but the research on China’s long-standing shark. From the spring and Autumn "The Classic of the Great Wilderness", the ancient Taoist philosophy "," Shi Zi Jin Dynasty China first natural history book "natural history", the lyrics to the Tang and Song Poetry in the Qing Dynasty, and the biological research works "sea fault map" have related records, and "shark gratitude" etc. emerge in an endless stream of folk stories. In addition, the relevant research has long been spread out. North Korea seonjo period, scholars of Chinese literature from Liu Mengyin Chinese cultural prose collection, "write the pigil to talk" in the wild, August drama "legend" starting this year is out of the blue sea. It can be seen that the research on half fish and half man is more abundant than that in the west, but the national awareness is far less than that of the west. "The sky of the sea is also hoping to" original creation in the traditional culture of the shark image rich, deepen the public identity of traditional culture. The film is currently under intense post production. The original cast to create "the sky of the sea" second season just start, in 2017 will be landing in Hunan TV and broadcast video synchronization in Sohu.相关的主题文章: