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Star two generation sea shoot AV insider exposure lost light for the cowboy heritage Sakaguchi Anri Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the two generation line Zim attitude Japanese actress Sakaguchi Anri Jing Bao beat AV, reason is the global cowboy shop to spend mother heritage, also a debt of 5 million yen (about 326 thousand and 900 yuan), will betray the soul. The 25 year old Sakaguchi Anri is the daughter of actor Ryoko Sakaguchi, 3 years ago, the mother died after a low ebb, later with Uncle comedian contacts, physical and mental condition is stable, but 2 people broke up in June last year, she will go to the original cowboy shop in 1 with become aggravated, the Shinjuku Kabuki hall, spend tens of millions of mom the Japanese currency heritage debt of about 330 thousand yuan, was easily persuaded to shoot AV. It is reported that in March this year, she left the brokerage company, signed with the AV company MUTEKI, 1 paid 20 million yen (about 1 million 300 thousand yuan), has finished filming last month, this month will be published kiss and tell her nude fry topic, released in October 1st AV debut. Yesterday, "Tokyo sports newspaper" AV open cover, and that her performance is not posturing, but got 2 rounds of ammunition. In this regard, her stepfather, occupation golfer Ozaki Keno said did not know, and said 2 people for a long time not to contact her ex boyfriend, and the star also saw the news to know, say very surprised. (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: