Stay up late ovarian life ovarian maintenance urgent

Late life overdraft ovarian ovarian maintenance is imperative to stay up late on the body of the loss is very large, some people think that by staying up late at night to sleep during the day and this is also a lot of catching back, one of the common habit of weekend workers. But research shows that, although the normal sleep needs to meet eight hours, but more than eight hours during the day to sleep more difficult to repair the body damage. Staying up late to gonadal axis function disorder, insomnia, irritability, easy to wake up sweating and other symptoms of premature senility. Stay up late, female hormone secretion disorder, will cause irregular menstruation, decreased immunity, causing a variety of gynecological inflammation. Secondly, the ovary recession is a gradual process of development, the general situation of ovarian function decline to about amenorrhea needs to experience five years. That is to say, short stay up late cause ovarian function decline is not irreversible. Menstruation was significantly reduced or menstrual disorders is one of the main symptoms of premature ovarian failure, may also appear hot flushes, sweating, upset, forgetfulness and other similar manifestations of menopause. Therefore, for women, staying up late is tantamount to stifle the life of the ovary, so that its early aging, the appearance of women’s health in order to breed will cause adverse effects, and may even produce infertility. Therefore, women should change the habit or stay up late, long-term stay up late may cause irreversible premature ovarian failure, for the treatment of difficult. The doctor says: female ovarian maintenance on the surface of Kung Fu is not true, as one of the most important organs of ovary in the female life, for women’s stature, appearance, family plays a pivotal role in the regulation of the secretion of female hormones, everything — estrogen gives women beauty, known as the woman in the magician. But one thing has been ignored, that is, the synthesis of hormones is not an organ of the credit of the ovary, is an integrated system, called the endocrine axis to complete the medical. The main members of the endocrine axis in addition to the ovary, but also in the brain of the hypothalamus and pituitary. In other words, hypothalamus, pituitary and ovary of three must be together, keep step with (to form a complete and coordinated neuroendocrine system), have adequate estrogen released from the ovary and distributed in the body. Such a complicated physiological process, it is just a simple massage ovary, you can solve it? Scientific maintenance, adjustment is the key of ovarian endocrine axis can secrete estrogen, but estrogen synthesis is not an ovarian organ of the credit, but by an integrated system, which completed the common endocrine axis. That is to say, the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovary of three must be together, keep step with, to form a complete and coordinated neuroendocrine system, estrogen can be fully released from the ovary, and distributed in the body. The overall differentiation, syndrome differentiation and treatment of gynecological doctors and endocrine professional doctors that the diagnosis is to maximize the characteristics. Nip in the bud, don’t forget the regular gynecological examination of ovarian maintenance it is worth noting that the ovary is very important female endocrine organs, it will be in the professional hospital nurse doctor of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine on the basis of "basic" four diagnostic methods, different patients, often in drug use and regulation are different.相关的主题文章: