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Seedless grape infertility and why so many people believe (as saying the new rural Henan) – Net – original title: seedless grape infertility and why so many people believe (as saying the new rural network security Minong) fabric products, reduce information asymmetry, improve the public to don’t differentiate ability of rumors, multi force to let the truth ran in front of rumors recently, seedless grape is dipped in the pill so many rumors "eat melon masses" heart panic, some areas of seedless grape sales even be affected. Fortunately, the experts were able to refute the rumor in time, to a certain extent, the negative effects were alleviated. In recent years, rumors circulated in life have been sensational, and many are related to agricultural products. Such as the use of vegetable oil cooking can be carcinogenic, with flowers of cucumber will lead to infertility, such as eating strawberries will cause cancer. Some of the rumors had to rely on simple common sense will be able to identify the authenticity of the widely spread of agricultural products has become the hardest hit by rumors of harassment. It is believed that the rumor is irrational, but we should also pay attention to the reason why it is irrational. Sudan red, poisonous milk powder, gutter oil… In these years, the safety incidents of agricultural products have occurred, leaving many consumers to leave a psychological shadow. So once there is a rumor about food safety, many people’s first reaction is to believe it, not to be trusted. Indeed, daily expenses, daily necessities daily necessaries of tea, safety of agricultural products and the vital interests of each person is closely related with the level of consumption is rising, the people of the health and safety of agricultural products to pay more attention to no ground for blame. However, why some groundless rumor but let many people believe? Because of discrimination rumors really needs some professional knowledge, but because a lot of consumer information on various aspects of the lack of understanding of the channels — agricultural production processes, the use of many chemical fertilizers and pesticides; transportation, preservation and processing, meets the standards; there is no harmful chemicals, are not very clear. On the topic of the most concern of the masses, the supply of true and accurate, transparent and timely information is not sufficient, and some people will naturally believe in rumors because of the hunger and thirst of information. It should be said that consumers’ doubts about the safety of agricultural products, to a certain extent, reflect the progress of the concept of consumption. The public awareness of the maintenance of their own rights and interests, can also play a certain role in social supervision, forcing the improvement of the quality and safety of agricultural products. But if overkill blindly make groundless accusations, believe rumors, and even rumors pass rumors, caused by the social harm is underestimated. The wrong information will affect the consumer’s choice. For farmers, rumors fermentation will affect the sales of agricultural products, fruit or even a hard year labor piled on farms, rot in the tree. Like "eating strawberry cancer" in last year’s circle of friends, the price of strawberries plunged, and Beijing farmers lost tens of millions of yuan. To prevent rumors, the most fundamental is to weave Minong security network. Provide safe agricultural products, so that consumers be assured, should be throughout the whole process of agricultural production concept, should also be a participant must abide by the rules. As an operator of agricultural production, whether ordinary farmers or new type of production and business entities, they should start from me, start from details, pay attention to quality and ensure safety, and let consumers dispel worries and confidence with practical actions. The government should supervise the supervision of the quality and safety of agricultural products from multiple management to the concerted efforts of relevant departments, establish a traceability system from field to table, and allow transparent and efficient system to escort the safety of agricultural products. To eliminate rumors, we should also reduce the asymmetry of information. On the one hand, the government strengthens the awareness of information release, implements regular information release mechanism, reduces the trust crisis caused by lack of information, and on the other hand, helps the public improve their ability to distinguish rumors. It is an important task for science popularization to increase the public’s knowledge reserve and scientific literacy. Agricultural science popularization should not be absent. We should identify the most concerned problems of the masses, and use new media and other forms to enhance the interest of science, and let the public be willing to participate and be willing to accept it, so as to enhance their "antibody" to rumors. In addition, the operators of agricultural production should also pay attention to improving the transparency of production information. At present, many people began to explore, through the development of Sightseeing Leisure Agriculture, so that consumers in the field, the claim, customization, picking etc., to participate in the agricultural product life cycle; others use "Internet plus" to solve the problem, so that consumers in the supermarket to scan two-dimensional code, in all aspects of information products all of these practices, to help consumers because understanding and trust. Risk society, lead one hair and move the whole body. A rumor in the Internet world often affects the livelihood of the farmers, the dining table of the residents. We must make many efforts to let the truth go ahead of the rumor. (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Shang Mingzhen) 无籽葡萄致不育 为啥这么多人信(话说新农村)–河南分网–人民网 原标题:无籽葡萄致不育 为啥这么多人信(话说新农村)   织密农产品安全保障网络,减少信息的不对称,提高公众对谣言的辨别能力,多方合力才能让真相跑在谣言前面   最近,葡萄无籽是因蘸了避孕药的谣言让不少“吃瓜群众”心生恐慌,一些产区的无籽葡萄销量甚至因此受到影响。幸好专家及时辟谣,才在一定程度上减轻了负面影响。   近年来,生活中流传的谣言耸人听闻,不少都与农产品有关。比如使用植物油做饭可致癌,带刺带花的黄瓜会导致不孕,吃草莓会致癌等。一些本来依靠简单常识就能辨别真伪的谣言也被广泛散播,农产品已成为被谣言袭扰的重灾区。   相信谣言的背后是非理性,但我们也应当关注这非理性产生的原因。苏丹红、毒奶粉、地沟油……这些年,农产品安全事件时有发生,给不少消费者留下心理阴影。所以一旦有关于食品安全的传言出现,不少人的第一反应是宁可信其有,不可信其无。的确,开门七件事,柴米油盐酱醋茶,农产品安全与每个人的切身利益息息相关,随着消费水平的不断提升,老百姓对农产品的健康安全更加关注无可厚非。但是,为何一些无稽的谣言却让不少人深信不疑?因为辨别谣言的确需要一定的专业知识,但由于不少消费者对农业各环节的信息缺少了解渠道――生产环节,使用了多少化肥农药;运输环节,保鲜是否达到标准;加工环节,有没有添加有害化学品,都不甚明了。在群众最关心的话题上,真实准确、透明及时的信息供应不充足,自然会让部分人因为信息饥渴而轻信谣言。   应当说,消费者对于农产品安全的质疑,在一定程度上体现了消费理念的进步。公众对于自身权益的维护意识增强,也能起到一定的社会监督作用,倒逼农产品质量安全的提高。但是,如果矫枉过正,一味捕风捉影,轻信谣言,甚至传谣造谣,造成的社会危害则不可小觑。错误的信息会影响消费者的选择。对于农民来说,谣言发酵会影响农产品销售,甚至辛苦一年的劳动果实堆在田头,烂在树上。就像去年刷爆朋友圈的“吃草莓致癌”,让草莓身价暴跌,北京种植户损失高达千万元。   杜绝谣言,最根本的是要织密农产品安全保障网络。提供安全农产品,让消费者放心,应当是贯穿整个农业生产流程的理念,也应当是参与者都必须恪守的准则。作为农业生产经营者,无论是普通农户,还是新型生产经营主体,都应当从我做起,从细节做起,重视质量,保证安全,用实际行动让消费者打消顾虑、树立信心。政府要将农产品质量安全的监管由多头管理,变为相关部门的通力合作,建立从田间到餐桌的全程可追溯体系,让透明高效的制度为农产品安全保驾护航。   杜绝谣言,还应减少信息的不对称。一方面,政府增强信息发布意识,实行定期的信息发布机制,减少因信息缺失造成的信任危机;另一方面,帮助公众提高对于谣言的辨别能力。增加公众的知识储备和科学素养,是科普的重要任务。农业科普不能缺位,要找准群众最关心的问题,利用新媒体等多种形式,增强科普的趣味性,让公众愿意参与、乐于接受,这样才能增强他们对谣言的“抗体”。   此外,农业生产经营者也应注意提高生产信息的透明度。目前,已有不少人开始探索,通过发展观光休闲农业,让消费者走进田间地头,通过认领、定制、采摘等方式,参与到农产品的生命周期中;也有人运用“互联网+”破解难题,让消费者在超市扫描二维码,获取产品在各个环节的信息,这些做法都有助于消费者因为了解而产生信任。   风险社会,牵一发而动全身。网络世界的一句谣言,往往会牵动农民的生计,居民的餐桌。我们必须多方发力,让真相跑在谣言的前面。 (责编:杨晓娜、尚明桢)相关的主题文章: