Su Wei now also with the team in the new season no goals-rainlendar

Su Wei: now with the team running season did not target Su Wei said the new season no personal goals of Tencent sports in October 24th news (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on October 23rd, the Qingdao men’s basketball team began in a pre-season warm-up match, 112 to 103 victory over the Xinjiang team. Qingdao men’s basketball team after the game Su Wei said in an interview, his new season and no personal goals, but he is still in the team and the stage. This summer, Su Wei left Xinjiang for 3 years, joined the Qingdao team. In his view, after a new environment, they still need more time to run in and adapt to. Now in the running stage, because the first time is not long, the presence of a little bit to the feeling. What I can do now is to see what the coach wants me to do, because I have played for many years, and now I think the team needs me to do my best." Su Wei said, with the tacit understanding takes time to accumulate, I believe it will be better and better." Su Wei’s career has played for two teams in Guangdong and Xinjiang, while Qingdao is the team that he has played for the last third of the teams. Turning to the new season, the team’s goal, Su Wei said: "there is a personal goal, hope the team can have a new weather, get a good result, the enthusiasm of the team return, return home support."相关的主题文章: