Sunqian pregnant after the first variety show Hibiscus Xi aunt tears in the recording scene stellarium

Sunqian pregnant after the first variety show Hibiscus Xi aunt tears in the recording scene Sina entertainment news the evening of September 7th 21:20, Jiangsu TV [micro-blog] the first celebrity public service program "us" will be a strong launch! "We are together" for the first time in television and life "Enchantment", build the first domestic public broadcast, interactive effects accompany you to see the stars. This program is for the first time to show people on public art Qinliqinwei, it will work into the public life. We are together, the first phase of the broadcast is also sun Qian [micro-blog] in the first show on the variety show after pregnancy. Hibiscus Xi aunt tears in the recording scene after pregnancy live to think aloud Hibiscus Xi aunt sun Qian to blind Wang Yan [micro-blog] in the home, and Wang Yan and her dog Bebe close contact. Sun Qian and Wang Yan through the blind contact, found in China, 99.9% of the blind guide dogs, and travel inconvenience. So Sun Qian choked several times, with tears in her eyes. In order to appeal to everyone as guide dogs cause a force, a force for the public, Sun Qian and Yu Haoming [micro-blog] secretly planned a surprise event…… Good people are always blessed, originally loves dogs, guide dogs in group is loving the Sun Qian in the program recording finished not long after, he found himself pregnant. As she said in the micro-blog three years, three people, the heart of the three, not too early and not too late, everything just came. In addition, Sun Qian also plans to broadcast at the same time, in the broadcast platform to meet with you, my heart will be about the dog’s idea by way of broadcast shows to the fans. Ten plus warm male dog this is a "taste" picture China guide dog training base in Dalian is the China Disabled Persons Federation approved, only a non-profit dog base, base training guide dogs will be free to help the visually impaired. The scorching sun, unyielding Yu Haoming on this base to experience a "bitter as a guide dog trainer". Yu Haoming’s first task is to be a qualified "shovel shit officer". The dog did unflinchingly, enjoy Sahuan, is the Yu Haoming directly threw". Yu Haoming smelled the stench covered with clothes, shouted "cool acid"! Formal training, guide dogs Timi and do not meet as blind Yu Haoming password improper use is quite tortuous. After a day of running in, Yu Haoming and Timi with more and more tacit understanding, Timi is willing to believe that the protection of Yu Haoming. Let Yu Haoming most empathy is, ordinary steps, traffic will become blind The stream never stops flowing. travel obstacles and dangers. If each of the blind men can have a trained with regularity guide dogs, can effectively avoid all kinds of risks. This program has a warm male beauty with a lovely dog, laughter and tears finally and the most can not miss the last egg. Watch the live broadcast at the same time do not forget to lock the evening of September 7th 21:20 Jiangsu satellite TV, we together! (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: