Suzhou Rain Lane fire years old were burned

Suzhou "Rain Lane" suffered a fire burned outside the old one hundred years old house burned has set up isolation belt. Zhong Sheng photo lilac Lane alley. Zhong Sheng burned the old photo. Zhong Sheng burned the old photo. Zhong Sheng photo Beijing, October 8 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Zhong Sheng) recently, the Suzhou media reports, during the National Day is located in Suzhou City, Pingjiang Road lilac Lane A has hundred years history of the imperial residence fire burned. 8, 2009, the reporter visited the site of the former champion home, to understand its past life. Pingjiang Road is a famous historical and cultural scenic spot in Suzhou, although the "eleven" long holiday has ended, the sky is still a trace of drizzle, but there are still a large number of tourists wandering among them. Extending from a side of Pingjiang Road called "Lilac lane" lane, Lane brick tiles, the width of less than three meters, not far from the entrance to the side of the wall that says Dai Wangshu’s "Rain Lane". It is said that Dai Wangshu is in lilac lane as the prototype, wrote the famous poem "Rain Lane". In the "hundreds of meters through the rain lane", then turned into a dark alley, front is burned the imperial residence". From the outside, the "champion" residence was divided into two, covers an area of about 100 square meters, inside a mess. The whole house roof and the two layer has disappeared, the main beam column and the wall is still in, but have been burned black. Although it was a few days before the fire, there was still a trace of burnt smell in the air. Outside the house, the administration has set up an isolation belt to ban people from getting close to the wall, which is filled with red paper. 69 year old Liu man "in this alley lived a lifetime, his family and the old fire only wall. He explained that the Qing Dynasty Suzhou had "Fupan" and "expensive pan" two Panxing peak of the family, the two pan "accounted for half of Suzhou city". The fire is a pan mansion which everyone called "pan zhai". Qianlong, pan Jiaceng had a champion Pan Shien, but he did not know whether Pan Shien lived in "Pan Zhai". The old man recalls the history of Pan Zhaiceng occupied more than half of a lilac lane, then gradually decline, the house has been occupied the local people. Now, once the pan Zhai range inhabited by hundreds of ten households, only the main building still intact, lived upstairs in the pan posterity, downstairs is a family surnamed people. Pingjiang Street Historic District Community Party committee secretary Lv Jin, pan Zhai just ordinary houses, not registered buildings unhistorical. When the fire broke out, the fire burned from the two floor. Because the narrow lane, fire engines can not enter, such as firefighters to extinguish the fire hose, the house has been completely destroyed. Fortunately, the two families are living in something out, no casualties. Lv Jin said, Pingjiang Road narrow roads, high population density, coupled with the old residential, wood structure, how to prevent fire has been a headache. In December last year, an inn was completely destroyed by fire. At present, the streets are considering new fire protection facilities and strengthen local residents fire education and self-help training, try our best to protect the ancient streets remaining historic buildings. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: