Taiping Island, the new military facilities require Google to cover the balcony of the satellite map-actv

Taiping island new military facilities discharge requirements of Google satellite map – covered terrace Sohu military channel first: Taiping island new military facilities leaked [click the picture to the next page] satellite map software Google earth (Google Earth) updated Nansha Taiping Island satellite photos before the satellite map software Google earth (Google Earth) update satellite photos of Nansha Taiping island. The picture shows that the northwest side of the island there is a beach by 4 giant three claw type structure and the position of the encirclement. Taiwan Defense Department responded that Taiping island is a military control zone, involving military secrets inconvenience comments. According to Reuters reported on September 21st, Taiwan’s Ministry of defense requires Google earth to cover off the Pacific island satellite images. British "Guardian" reported that Google confirmed receipt of the request of the government of Taiwan, is considering. Taiping island Google earth satellite image update compared with the end of last year, on the island’s northwest runway and the new port across more than 4 unknown structures, like the 4 wave, with the actual wave size compared to many big. Whether the two sides of the hot water for new military facilities. According to Taiwan media reports, the new satellite images seen experts think it might be a new military facilities. Wang Guanxiong, Professor of political science at the Taiwan Normal University, once in December last year and in January of this year, the three time on the island of peace, he is very sure that these facilities in the era of the Ma Ying-Jeou does not exist, but after the first 520. KMT legislator Jiang Qi Chen in August this year to Taiping Island, taken from a plane on the side of the Taiping Island photos show the same position with the building defense project similar fortification "". Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on 20, Taiwan "sea patrol office director Li Zhongwei said," to reflect on the Google Corporation, Pacific island Google maps satellite images please each other "further processing", is also looking forward to the public not to speculate. Chinese KMT legislator Wang Yumin said in the "Legislative Yuan" policy question when asked if it is confidential, now all exposed Google, how to do? This photo, you can see the world, but that is to speculate in what works, what is it to be remedial measures? Li Zhongwei, director of the coast guard said, has been reflected to the Google Corporation, is doing follow-up processing. Wang Yumin asked, countries in the world, the major engineering facilities, and important city, can ask Google to keep pictures of fuzzy processing, and the government is only with Google to reflect on this single photo, or have other inventory, will require treatment? Li Zhongwei said that on their management of the project has been dealt with. Wang Yumin asked, the defense department? Taiwan’s defense minister Feng Shikuan said that they are also ready to do so, he will go back to study, and then to the relevant units of instruction. Feng Shikuan said that all military facilities on the Taiping island and the use of confidentiality is described, but he hopes that we know that the island has a strong defense capabilities. Wang Yumin called for the matter to be very bright, I hope the Department of defense can keep up with the speed of the coast guard, Coast Guard found this question.相关的主题文章: