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Taiwan universal low wage push up nearly 8 youth to home overseas Beijing October new net work in 14, according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, Taiwan generally low wages, pushing up the young overseas work motivation. According to the 1111 human bank survey, more than 77% of respondents to work abroad to work overseas, the most favored overseas work in Japan, the United States, Singapore, etc.. The day before the global chain resorts Club Med for the first time to sign before the release, more than 50 jobs worldwide, as "the world’s most interesting work," added to the all inclusive work benefits to attract talent. Just 20 days after the news, attracted more than 500 people send resume, obvious work overseas to Taiwan young people very attractive. 1111 human bank today announced in, in 90s, public health overseas work survey, the survey showed that more than 77% of respondents are interested in going abroad to work, including a total of 3.4% of respondents have been working overseas. Further analysis of the young people went abroad to work, is that overseas work with "generous salary" and "welfare", "work interests", and "expanding personal view", "strengthen language ability", "development opportunities and a larger space"; in favor of overseas work, mainly in Japan, the United States, Singapore etc.. 1111 human Bank Deputy General Manager Li Dahua said, according to the latest data show that the Comptroller of the total unemployment rate in August was 4.08%, the highest level in two years. Among them, the unemployment rate of 29 years of age, from 15 to 19 years of age of up to 9.05%, from 20 to 24 years of age reached 13.43%, 25 to 29 years old, far beyond the overall average. The phenomenon of youth unemployment is serious, and it is an important thrust for young people to go abroad to work. Li Dahua believes that due to the trend of globalization, international vision and global mobile force has become an important workplace competitiveness; at the same time, in addition to good overseas salary conditions better, improve their language ability, increase working and living abroad experience, exploring the career direction, the youth work overseas will add to the long-term high; diversity and convenience the outer pipe, also make workers more and more overseas job opportunities. However, Li Dahua also reminded the intention to go to work for young people to work before, should first do a good job planning to complete the overseas, is expected within 2 years of short-term work, through the working holiday, travel or work assignments, short-term overseas enterprises to recruit etc., short period overseas job opportunities. If interested in long-term overseas development even the residents, then need to carefully choose the job, industry and enterprise, consider the long-term development of the living environment and work, in order to reduce the risk and transfer frequency, to avoid future overseas development is not smooth and out of touch with Taiwan to return to the workplace, taiwan.相关的主题文章: