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Taiwan women’s tour Zika virus infection with more than 70 original title: Taiwan middle-aged woman with a tour group Zika virus infection with more than 70 people in new network on 9 October, according to the Taiwan news network reported, Taiwan adds a case of Zika virus infections outside, a more than and 50 year old woman living in Taoyuan City for the first time with the group, is a Taiwanese overseas to Malaysia tourism case, currently with 71 passengers to keep track of group health; Taiwan Wei Fu Department of disease management department should appeal to anti mosquito measures and pregnant women, pregnant women to postpone plans. Disease management department deputy director Zhuang Renxiang said that since June this year, the Taiwanese overseas card to a total of 6 cases of infection in village, before 5 are infected with friends and family outings, returned to Taiwan after the infection was found in village card; but the children to participate in tours, group tours contact up to now the same group of 71 passengers will track suspected Zika symptoms to tomorrow (10 days) and sampling, if asymptomatic voluntary sampling, disease management department is also highly fit, all at least to mosquito isolation measures for at least 3 weeks. The case last month 23 to 27, with the mission to Malaysia Sabah tourism, after returning to Taiwan earlier this month, local headache rash, muscle aches, medical examination to determine the mining infection, but fortunately with family, colleagues did not appear symptoms of infection, the independent mosquito control measures in isolation to 16 this month, the blood is no longer with the virus so far. CDC is also analyzed, the case caused by the risk of secondary infection is not high, Taiwan local health units have also started prevention measures. According to the statistics of disease management department, Malaysia in September this year, has a total of 7 cases including Zika, 2 pregnant women were distributed in the northeast of Sarawak, Bazhou and adjacent sand Singapore Johor region, and Taiwan has a total of 10 cases of imported cases identified. Most people infected with Zika virus is mild, but the infection of pregnant women may result in fetal death or microcephaly, pregnant women and pregnant women to remind the plan to defer travel to endemic areas, from endemic areas should implement the precautionary measures to leave at least 3 weeks, according to the "1+6" principle on blood donation for at least 1 months, and regardless of symptoms should be take the safe sex and delaying pregnancy for at least 6 months. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: