Taiyuan from low-income groups rescued emergency medical aid fallback vstart

Taiyuan: from low-income groups rescued emergency medical assistance reveal the most afraid of illness, especially serious illness, huge medical expenses will become unbearable pain, difficulty of low-income families is one disaster after another. Yesterday, the municipal government issued "on the implementation of opinions" to further improve the medical assistance system to carry out a comprehensive medical assistance of major diseases work in the future, the city medical relief system and the rural medical assistance system will also carry out a comprehensive implementation of the merger, medical assistance of major diseases. This means that, in the basis of Medicare reimbursement, eligible low-income groups spend a small amount of money can afford disease. If the risk of major diseases, can also obtain emergency medical aid fallback. What are the forms of medical assistance? This is an important part of the medical security system. Since 2009, China’s comprehensive deepening reform, and gradually establish a "four – + a" medical security system. "Four", is the new rural cooperative medical care, basic medical insurance for urban residents, the basic medical insurance for urban workers, urban and rural insurance. "Help" is the medical assistance. At present, there are several forms of medical assistance, which are "Insured" "participation" aid, relief, rescue, hospital outpatient illness care and assistance. So, who can enjoy medical assistance? I clear, the focus of relief object include: poor object, the urban and rural support staff (city three no personnel, rural five guarantees), in the key country does not enjoy free medical treatment of this object, courageous and enjoy 40% relief object. In addition to these groups, the city will gradually low-income families of the elderly, minors, people with severe disabilities and serious illness and other groups into the scope of relief. In addition, although it does not belong to low-income families, but because of a serious illness, spending too much, beyond the affordability of the family, to bring difficulties to life. This "pccd" families of seriously ill patients, also will be included in the scope of relief. Individual payment subsidies to eligible insured "participation" funding, each year from September to December, for the payment of the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents. Period, the city will focus on the individual contributions of the object of payment subsidies. Among them, the poor support staff, give full support. The object of urban and rural subsistence allowances, given full or fixed funding. The city will also improve the hospital rescue. Among them, the city three no personnel, beneficiaries, hospital treatment in hospitals, according to the personal burden of hospitalization expenses of 100% to give relief. Other qualified staff after hospitalization, health insurance, commercial insurance and special Medicaid reimbursement after deducting social mutual aid and other factors, the personal burden of medical expenses relief by not less than 70% of the proportion given in the annual quota relief. Annual maximum relief limit of not less than 15000 yuan in principle. Focus on the rescue of patients suffering from serious illness, the disease is in the late stage, can be given a one-time serious illness relief. In principle, not more than 5000 yuan. New heavy special disease relief there is little concern, the city will carry out a comprehensive medical assistance for major diseases, as an important part of the medical assistance system相关的主题文章: