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Taiyuan police informed the "three campaign" stage Victories: 3 months 14 gangs destruction – Beijing Beijing in September 18 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Song Lichao) Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau 18 days to inform the media "three campaign" special action stage victories. In 3 months time, the local police destroyed a total of criminal gangs of evil forces, seized nearly 28.92 kilograms of drugs, seized firearms, ammunition, the hair of the 1220, detonators, 1122, 14. At the beginning of June, the Shanxi provincial public security department in the province to deepen the internal agency to carry out the "crime crackdown", eradicate pornography, promote firearms rule explosion for the content of the "three battle", and "crime crackdown" as the "battle of the influence of global prestige first". In this regard, the Taiyuan police to make special arrangements. Data show that in carrying out the "three campaign" in 3 months, the Taiyuan municipal public security organs were destroyed a criminal gang 14; investigation on place 7602, rectification security risks 269, rectification 154, rectification 99, banned 77; nearly 28.92 kilograms of drugs seized and confiscated firearms; 14 branch, 1220 bullets, 1122 detonators; cracked "crime crackdown" and "pornography" and "firearms rule explosion cases since 1375, and arrested 1989 criminal suspects. "Taiyuan police around easily breed evil forces crime field," crime crackdown "and village public order, villages and rural collective land illegally occupies the special rectification action of security services, the construction of key projects closely, in-depth Mopai clues gangs involved in evil, evil forces to crack down on crime, digging behind the scenes" the relationship between network "and" umbrella ", wipe out effective strength to eradicate the breeding soil." Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau official said. Bingzhe "attitude hit early playing small evils", Taiyuan city police in the "three battle" of the evil forces destroyed 14 criminal gangs and arrested 91 suspects, uncovered 70 criminal cases. In the fight against pornography crimes in Taiyuan City District Public Security Bureau successfully cracked two part governor drug cases, destroyed two drug gangs across two provinces, were cut off from Sichuan Chengdu, Guangdong Shenzhen drug trafficking channel to Shanxi Province, Taiyuan City, Lvliang city. In the firearms rule explosion in Taiyuan City, Jiancaoping District Public Security Bureau uncovered involving 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the Ministry of public security supervision network of illegal trade in firearms and ammunition cases. This project cracked a total of 85 cases of illegal sale of firearms, ammunition cases, arrested the people involved in the case of 307 people, seized all kinds of firearms involved in the case of 465. (end)相关的主题文章: