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Take the top suction gold! Jay Chou: I want to go back to ask a mother of Jay Chou Sina entertainment Jay Chou (Jay Chou) attended the 30 wildlife rescue a press conference in Taipei, as a global ambassador, he was shooting public service ads, please wife Kunling served as English teachers in advertising English lines, he recently frequently share contemporary paintings in facebook fan page, father section Po "ultrasound" painting is the second announced the good news, he interviewed a smile: "I put the ultrasound images out, is a fool?" After the news that there will be good news to share with you. Jay Chou recently in the community is very active, almost two or three days on a post, he had to resist to interact with you, no more private community account, but foreign artists wanted to share information through the Instagram and found him, is a fake account, let him QiXinDongNian to share graphic business community website, often after Po found, many celebrity friends will like, according to the message, only to find myself a lot of artists friends laugh: "not only our deficit." But he did not put the password, the assistant upload, laughing: "good, my personality is too impulsive, so as not to speak in disorder." Jay Chou has many contemporary art paintings, often in the face book to share with you, but a "ultrasound" abstract painting was interpreted as users of a second child, so he smiled and said: "everyone is very rich imagination." After this incident, Po painting becomes more cautious. The contemporary paintings become one of his recent interest, favorite minimalist abstract paintings and paintings, he often artists Beyonce, Jonny Depp and other Hollywood stars like, in addition to the growth of knowledge can also practice English, and also is the art teacher’s mother talk about painting, art history, art also intends to increase its own future, let daughter art specialty. Media reports Jay Chou by 12 endorsements, 24 concerts and reality show, sea fishing for NT $790 million, this year is the first singer to suck bang, he smiled and said: "very happy, but the numbers a bit scary, I want to go back to ask mother, mother is called me to save a little, but no matter what ranking well, as long as it is in first place." He also revealed that every time the mother replied: "how can, do not believe that the report." He describes himself as "eat rice, still did not know the" cash card, credit card, travel card didn’t even need money, can only please pay assistant. Jay Chou to Tokyo before father’s day, and the Qixi Festival wife Kunling birthday, he specially prepared Castle cake, Cinderella glass shoes, also called together as "cake", it must break through the heart go to the street to take pictures, do crazy things, he now has relaxed attitude, do not worry about being recognized laugh out, said: "no matter is not wearing a mask and sunglasses, will be recognized was photographed every day, I will see your trip from the news!" (Sina entertainment Taiwan Station Linyi, text, picture) (commissioning editor: YY) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: