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Ride the train to buy "overhead tickets": tourism websites need to upgrade the public service Zhao said last month from where the online ordering a train ticket, and get a paper ticket by courier, but forget to carry the trip. Ms. Zhao to re submit the report of loss through the station, but the train station staff did not find her ticket information. In this regard, where the network said it was delayed due to the railway system, and promised to refund passengers. The 12306 staff denied the network where the argument, and prompted the public to choose the official way ticket. (according to the "Beijing morning news") since the purchase of train tickets have implemented the real name authentication, then stop, ticket, travel, and even loss, refund, nature can be found in the passenger ticket information, but Zhao was unable to query the train ticket. It seems like a small thing, but it is not small. Why is there a paper ticket, but can not find the ticket information? One reason is that as to where the network customer service explained that there is a delay in the information system". However, "10 days after the departure will have a record" argument is untenable, if so, the problem of information system in the whole railway technical loopholes so large, can not be found today. As the 12306 customer service staff said, "in the sale at the ticket, the ticket to the station ticket and lost many people, if we do not check, that not all can do?" So, after the start of the 10 day to find information. Another possibility is to go online ticket agent to provide consumers with an invalid ticket. Invalid ticket, the information is naturally invalid, of course, can not query. If so, not only suspected of fraud and selling, violations of consumer rights, also suspected of forgery and fraud. Once the delay in passenger travel, the loss is not necessarily a train ticket money, there may be subsequent economic and mental losses. Therefore, even if the return tickets, where the network should be thorough investigation of the matter, identify vulnerabilities, evidence, look at how the train ticket is "overhead", and timely make up. Do not shirk the responsibility, trivialize attitude, or similar things will appear on their own reputation damage will be more and more. Tourism products online sales platform, a lot of things in the past, but mainly concentrated in the air tickets and hotel reservations. The train ticket is also a strange problem, that the crux of the problem is not local, but the overall management, rule out. Development for so many years, but also so immature. So, or to correct their attitude, good maintenance of the internal management system construction, don’t radish fast don’t wash mud, don’t just want to make quick money, not a problem to avoid, shadowboxing, shirk responsibility. That can only hit their own brand. If you really need a certain amount of time to improve the rules and regulation, then some immature business now do not carry out, the so-called no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live". Straighten out the relationship, to solve the technical problems, to engage in strict supervision, to open a no later. In fact, for some of their own often do not carry out the situation of tourism production soldiers相关的主题文章: